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You see, my mission is your mission and I am here to help you bring it to the world. To reawaken your soul calling, to help you see things you didn’t realise where there. To help you feel things you haven’t allowed yourself to feel.

Trust me when I say, it’s time to activate your mission, merge it with your skills, bring forth your passions and share it with the world.

And I’m going to help you.

These 90 minute sessions will help you get clear on what it is you want to do and give you the steps to start taking aligned action! 




These sessions are for you if:

> You don’t know what your mission is and you need help defining it and creating an aligned plan of action. 

> You are feeling stuck, you’re at a crossroads but you don’t know which path to follow. You’re confused by what you want and you need some clear guidance to help you discover and act on your soul mission.

> You are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you have on your to do list, tired by the work you put in, frustrated by the lack of fulfilment you have in your success. You want to be free, make a positive impact AND be successful. But you’re not sure how, or in what.

> You have a billion and one ideas, you’re creative and multi passionate, you love starting new projects and you’re a master at never finishing any of them. You need some help focusing and understanding how it all fits in with your bigger purpose so you can stay motivated on your mission.

> You really really want to be clearer on who you are here to serve and what you are here to help them with. You want to find your soul audience and show up in a way that lights your soul on fire. 


What we’ll be doing:

Each session is different because each person is unique

However through a combination of intuitive business mentoring, creative activation tools, astrology, numerology and healing modalities we are going to go deep.

Are you ready? 

What you get: 

  • Info around your astrological birth chart 
  • Clarity on your soul mission, vision and values
  • Clarity on who your soul clients are and how to attract them 
  • Action Plan to take your mission and business forwards

Want to know what others think about them? Check out some testimonials below!

“The soul strategy session with Natalia was everything I needed and more, and at the perfect time too. I loved the unique blend of astrology, numerology, intuition and strategy – a combination I haven’t seen previously. “Soul strategy” really is the perfect name for it – it felt like a soul reading perfectly blended with business strategy and thought, and gave me lots of insight into where I can take my life and business next. I highly recommend Natalia and these sessions for anyone who wants to create a business around their soul mission and values. Thanks so much Natalia for your wisdom… I’ll be back for more!”

Jack Watkins

“I booked a session with Natalia because I was feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about my career direction. Natalia was so down to earth, and she asked me really thought-provoking questions to challenge my current mindset around my career.

In a single session, Natalia provided me with new insights into my personality and mindset, which I had never realised beforehand! I can’t thank Natalia enough for her advice and feedback in helping me better understand myself and my direction in life. I would definitely recommend booking in a session with Natalia!”

Rhi Wihardjo

“I met Natalia over a year ago at a mutual clients event and instantly felt a connection. We stayed in touch over social media and I knew that at some point I would call on her skills. Earlier this year I was feeling a bit unsettled with a few things in life and got in touch to book an intuition session with Natalia. I trusted that the session would be great but didn’t overthink the detail and format.Well, my mind was blown. Natalia is so easy to speak to and really does know what you’re thinking before you do, asking the right questions to draw the information out in a coherent and actionable way. I’ve made some big decisions (with confidence) since the session and feel I’m living as a much more authentic version of myself now.
Thank you Natalia from the bottom of my heart “

Amy Williams

“I met Natalia for the first time in February this year for doing a vision board together. I instantly felt a connection to her. I loved her energy. A few weeks later I booked a Elemental Healing Session with Natalia and I was just blown away from all the information she gave me. So many beautiful messages were given to me. I felt like by booking this Healing Session I gave the biggest present to myself. Everything was so apt and I felt deep in my heart that there was more for me to discover. A few month have passed since then. I continued with Natalia joining the amazing Soul Care Retreat and currently being in the Mission Seekers Membership. I’ve learnt so much from her in such a short time and I’m excited for what is to come and explore.  I’m so happy I met her.”

Cornelia Walsh


I am an intuitive business mentor, marketing strategist, creative Light Activator™, Elemental Healing™ practitioner, artist and serial entrepreneur. Known for my entrepreneurial mission-led projects that empower the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Supporting creatives, social entrepreneurs and female leaders around the world since 2012, I am passionate about sharing the strategies and insights I’ve learnt along the way so your mission is brought to the world with ease and clarity.

My creative and holistic approach to business and marketing is revolutionising the way we see and do work and ‘making a living’. While my unique and modern businesses, programs and concepts, allow others to embrace their individuality, discover their true calling and create and accelerate memorable impact driven businesses that make a positive difference in the world.

I’ve been featured in the likes of Forbes, Grazia, Business Matters, Metro, BBC, online publications and blogs and on podcasts.

Raising the consciousness of the planet

1 session & 1 tree at a time . With every session booked during this time a tree will be planted.

On top of this, by supporting the trees, the trees will support you too. Not just our air quality, but energetically also. You might even get a tree dryad speak to you in our sessions.

Getting excited yet?

What you get:

  • 1-1 90 minute call with Natalia on Zoom (you may have to download this)

  • A recording so you can listen back whenever you want

  • Any relevant notes sent to you

  • An action plan to help you move forward

These 90min sessions cost £250 / $326 US (roughly) 


Some rules:

There are set times that you can book, please use the calendar to do so.

There are no refunds so if you don’t make your session and don’t reschedule within 12 hours notice your session will be forfeited.

That’s all beautiful soul! Let’s get your rock and rolling!!


Want to go EVEN deeper?

Book an Elemental Healing & Soul Chanelling session WITH your Soul Strategy Session.

In these sessions, Natalia connects with your soul and your guides on an energetic level. Come with an intention and let go to allow for the messages to be channeled through Natalia for you.

Your first healing session is best delivered prior to the Soul Strategy and is done completely remotely.

For more info on what these sessions entail click here 

If booked together you will receive 25% off the usual price.

Elemental Healing & Soul Channeling  + Soul Strategy Session £350  / $456 (roughly)

“Thank you very much for the distance elemental healing session, you really are truly amazing and wish you all the best in the new side to your business. I am so glad I found you and was able to connect to enable me to start my healing journey.

I can’t explain how calm I feel since the session and on reading and listening to your notes and voice recording of the session you spoke about things which I could really resonate with. I truly wish you well and for anyone on the fence about booking in for a session please do it you will not be disappointed. Thanks once againm Ali.”


Spiritual Practitioner

“When the session began I was in a deep relaxed meditative state. I began to see geometric shapes and my heart center was fluttering rapidly and after the session Natalia explained how my heart center was like a puppy who was barking and snapping at things. My flower fairy came to calm my heart and a beautiful red rose came to blossom… 

…I’m excited for all the changes, attainments, insight and messages that took place. It was super insightful, energizing, motivational and all unfolding as I continue to release and step into the new. I feel so light and refreshed. Her energy was so nurturing, caring and powerful”.


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