Activation. Intuition. Action. 

It’s time…

Time to start taking your ideas and business seriously. Time to align yourself to your purpose, understand your value, customers and what you want to put out to the world. It’s time to actually do it and do it well. It’s time to tap into your truth to make a difference and make more impact and income through your mission.

Moving forward

You are excited and feeling inspired by an idea, perhaps even lots of ideas, but with this you also feel scared. Scared it might not work, or that it’s not the right idea, or that you don’t know how to turn this idea into reality. Scared to stay exactly where you are because moving forward is big.

Perhaps you’ve already started and your idea is now a business, but the fun isn’t quite there anymore, you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused with how to take it forward. You’re not clear on your mission or values but secretly you know where you want to be. You just need help putting this into words and into a coherent plan.

You know you can do it, but you need help. Someone who gets you, gets what you’re doing, gets how to push you to SUCCEED.

Someone who can show you the steps to take to CREATE ACTION and move you and your business into a POSITIVE FORCE.

I am here to guide you through this journey.

In living the life you want to live and doing work that ignites your soul and fuels your fire.

Together we will create lasting impact in your business and life.

How do you want your mission to feel?

Free, Clear, Adventurous, Unique, Impactful, Fulfilling, Abundant?


You are here because…

You are ready to accept who you are and what you want to do…what you are MEANT to do.

You are ready to follow your soul’s mission and bring it to the world.

You are eager to take action and move forward to fulfilling your dreams.

You want to create services, products and programmes aligned with your soul mission! 

You are looking for adventure, creativity, freedom and impact.

You want to stop feeling overwhelmed, overworked and stuck!

You know you need some kick ass strategy and someone to guide you through this to keep you focused, aligned with your mission and ready to tackle everything with clear purpose, drive and determination.

You want to live life on your terms, make a living doing what you love and make an impact in the process.

Intuitive business mentoring, strategy and creative activation

Together we fully get to know you and your soul business and brand, we dig deep, heal any blocks or limiting beliefs stopping you from being fully self expressed and we create new strategies to get you to the next level. 

You are feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance, a plan of action and someone to be there who knows your business as well as you do and can tap in to help you activate your truth. You are looking for flow, freedom and fulfilment to unapologetically be the real you. 

Are you ready to blast your business into growth stage? Let me help you find new opportunities, see things differently, find your unique voice, message and mission, implement strategy and fall back in love with your business.

So that the rest of the world can too.

I am here to help you build a successful business by activating your true calling and practicing your soul mission.

Let’s build a business that creates PROFIT, JOY and IMPACT.

What we will do together:

💥 Create Soulful marketing strategies to get you in front of your soul clients

💥 Activate epic launch plans

💥 Discover your Soul Mission and get in alignment with it (birth chart readings, numerology readings, tune in to make sure you’re working on what is actually in alignment with your soul)

💥 Create your kick-ass services, programmes and products designed in alignment with your mission and soul clients

💥 Do Energy Check ins every month

💥 You will receive energy healing – a special blend of Elemental Healing, Reiki and Soul Channelling. 

💥 Intuitive Oracle Card readings with every call 

Does the below sound like you?

Who you are

You are a female entrepreneur, visionary leader, changemaker, radical creative with too many ideas and not enough fulfilment

You are ready

You are ready to take the necessary action to get into alignment, reach your goals and to be fully committed to this shift

What you need

Your idea or business is fuelled by motivation and purpose but you need help to get out of overwhelm, and find that missing link


You are able to put your trust in me and in yourself to get truly self expressed, heal your blocks and live your soul mission






“Natalia really spent time with me to dig deep and get an understanding of my business, where I wanted to take it and what I was hoping to achieve. She now knows my business so well she can talk to journalists and team members on my behalf, which makes my job easier because I fully trust her in what she does. If you’re looking for somebody to support you with your strategy and taking your ideas and concepts and making them into something tangible and a reality then Natalia can do that for you. “

Chichi Eruchalu

“Each 1-1 session resulted in either a significant shift in my project or gave me a new fresh outlook on some parts that I was struggling with. Every time I talk to you (including on Voxer) I end up feeling empowered, inspired, motivated, supported and loved. It means a lot and helps a lot, especially that while I’m working on my project, I’m also working through overcoming some major limiting beliefs. I appreciate how honest you are with me and the perfect dose of tough love you give me when needed 😉 Your support and encouragement are precious to me, and you’re truly inspiring. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do 🙏

Natalia Szynkiewicz

Founder Gifting Growth

Let’s work together to create lasting impact

6 Months 1-1 Business Mentorship, Strategy, Soul Alignment & Accountability | £7000


  • 1 x 60 minute discovery and soul strategy call so I can find out all about you, your dreams and what you want to achieve
  • Introductory Questionnaire to really dig deeper and remember everything about your business and idea
  • 3 x 1-1 Remote Elemental Healing & Soul Channeling Session™ to unblock, realign and clear your energy (worth £500+)
  • 6 x 90 mins intuitive business mentoring & marketing strategy sessions to clarify your goals, boost your confidence and create action plans to take them forward. (1 call a month) 
  • An astrological birth chart reading to understand your soul mission, soul clients and how to show up for them
  • Support and feedback on anything you create, deliver or put out to your soul clients
  • If relevant access to my little black book of contacts. Where I connect you to people in your industry so you can take your business to new heights
  • Unlimited email and Voxer access throughout the week (like whatsap voice) when you need to ask questions, find solutions to problems, come up with new ideas or brain dump
  • Everything we work on written up and set up online, including access to relevant business templates
  • All calls recorded so that you can listen back when you need 


  • Free Intention & Goal Setting Planner
  • Energy clearing & cord cutting meditation 
  • Access to Mission Seekers Membership throughout the 6 months 


£1200 a month for minimum 6 months


£7000 payed in full 




“Natalia was very helpful, friendly and approachable. In our VIP session my expectations were fully managed as I wanted to understand how to utilise different social mediums for my coaching business. The introduction of affirmations/ cards was beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring and I really enjoyed that and trying to integrate this into my practice. I now have very clear goals and working towards achieving them.

Christina, The Development Coach

“It’s been such a wonderful pleasure to get to know Natalia over the last few months and engage her creative skills and advice for my new project. Right from the start, I was impressed with her drive to work with businesses operating in sustainability and social enterprise. After our chats, I always feel re-energised and positive, and I’m really looking forward to working with her again later this year. Thanks Natalia!”
Khiloni Graf

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