Fulfilling your mission, together

Are you ready to to bring your true soul mission to life? To discover your purpose, find freedom, joy and peace? 

I see you. I know you. I hear you. 

You’ve been feeling unfulfilled, stressed, overworked, fed up with the state of the world.

You come up with lots and lots of ideas but you don’t know which to pursue.

You want to make a positive impact on the world, to leave a legacy, to be remembered for something more and you are FINALLY ready. 

My mission is to be help you step out of the shadows and into the LIGHT

so that you can be and create the REAL change you wish to see.

I work with change-making female entrepreneurs, radical creatives and visionary leaders to help establish their purpose, align them to their values and turn their dreams into reality.

Time to arrange things in unusual ways so you can make amazing things happen.

Get ready for some big shifts, because we will uncover things you didn’t even know where there. 

I work as your business mentor, friend, spiritual supporter and marketing strategist and often act as an interim co-founder to help YOU get to the next stage.

Check out my programs below…

Activate Your Mission™ 6 Week Group Program

You know you are here to do big things and that YOU are the only thing holding yourself back. Procrastination, Self-Doubt & Confusion on what you TRULY want is the difference between playing small and becoming a visionary leader in life and business. Time to activate your mission, merge it with your skills, bring forth your passions and share it with the world.

Conscious Biz Design for the Modern World™ 6 month program

The only program combining modern day business and marketing strategies with spirituality and Elemental Business Design. Uncover and unleash your warrior mission using Ancient Earth Wisdom, learn how to fulfil it on a practical and spiritual level and make a positive global impact in the process. Heal your blocks around self expression and create the change you wish to see.

Intuitive Business Mentoring

Are you at a stage where you’re fed up of doing it all on your own? You are feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance, a plan of action and someone to be there who knows your business as well as you do. Are you ready to blast your business into growth stage? Let me help you find new opportunities, see things differently, implement strategy and fall back in love with your business. 


I bring business, marketing, creativity and spirituality into every session, program or service that I create for my soul clients.

I truly believe that to be successful in business and life you must bring who you really are to the forefront of how you work. If you’re secretly creative, then let’s see your creative self, if you’ve been hiding in a spiritual closet then let’s open those doors, if you’ve been feeling like an imposter it’s time to break down those blocks and limiting beliefs and get you taking action towards your mission.

To becoming truly self expressed.

What do we work on together?

Below is a list of the things we work on to take your mission to the next level.

So that visionary leaders of today and tomorrow, leaders like you, can get fully self expressed and make a bigger, better impact with ease and clarity.

Creative Light Activation

Brand You

Intuitive Business Strategy

Your Soul Mission


Aligned Marketing Strategy

Mindset & Spirituality

Soul Client Attraction

Online World & Community

“Natalia really spent time with me to dig deep and get an understanding of my business, where I wanted to take it and what I was hoping to achieve. She now knows my business so well she can talk to journalists and team members on my behalf, which makes my job easier because I fully trust her in what she does. In the time we have been working together she has helped me with strategy, PR and getting interviews with podcasts, radio and getting awards. She has been instrumental in my business and brand growth.”
Chichi Eruchalu, Business Strategist

“It’s been such a wonderful pleasure to get to know Natalia over the last few months and engage her creative skills and advice for my new project. Right from the start, I was impressed with her drive to work with businesses operating in sustainability and social enterprise. After our chats, I always feel re-energised and positive, and I’m really looking forward to working with her again later this year. Thanks Natalia!”
Khiloni Graf, Social Entrepreneur

“Natalia, you are truly brilliant. You are an inspiration and you know exactly how to support me and my goals. Such a worthwhile investment to make for me and my business…I now feel in control of my brand, my social media, my story and my vision. I am so happy I met you and would recommend for anyone to invest in time with you to help get a clear strategy and vision to start making things happen!”
Sharon Maddy, Founder Maddy Lou Shoes


Natalia is a sophisticated strategist with a highly perceptive approach to business. It’s a super human energy and a way of seeing the opportunity that’s just out of sight to most people.

Jane Langley, Blue Patch CEO

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