There is a re-awakening happening. New initiations, grids and alignments are needed as we step into our highest power. 

As we become the goddess, the priestess and the warrior.

As we follow our soul mission and become the fully expressed powerful and limitless creations that we are.  


The last few years have seen much happen, crumbling and falling of old systems, change and confusion, but also a collective awakening like never before.  However we have also experienced our beautiful mother Earth being fully anchored into the 5th dimension. A 26,000 year cycle is coming to an end. We are realising and connecting to our sovereignty.

The Divine Feminine Golden Age is here.


The Temple Journey has been designed to:


△ Reconnect you to your sovereign feminine energy for greater power, abundance and healing

△ Initiate you into the 3 forgotten Warrior, Goddess and Priestess temples, the 4th Ascension Temple and the Golden Spirit Temple

△ Anchor your creative, powerful and abundant energy so you can harness it for your soul mission 

△ Remind you of the sacred power of your cycle and feminine flow

△ Teach you how to release and reconnect for greater impact

△ Bring you closer to who you REALLY are and what you are here to do

△ Reconnect you to your Divine Feminine Birthright and honour this with a Certification into your Temple Journey Initiation

In this programme you will be initiated into each of the 5 forgotten temples and activated into their energy and grids.

The Goddess, Priestess and Warrior energies of each will be magnetised for inner healing, greater power and abundance for your life and work

These initiations will rapidly shift your energy and connection to the divine feminine and masculine forces within you. 

It is designed to help you heal old wounds surrounding your inner child, sacred womb and release any fears of persecution.

So that you can awaken, reclaim, honour, and bring forth your divine feminine birthright. 


That’s right by completing this journey into your 5 initiations and activations you will also receive a Sacred Temple Initiate™ Certificate

To prove your place and initiations inside this temple journey. 

Your Temple Journey to your Divine Feminine...

priestess goddess warrior - temple journey


Connected to the Earth. All about strong and secure foundations. Embodying powerful, nurturing energy to help you know what you’re fighting for. 

In this Temple we are initiated by and connected to Athena, Kali, Sekhmet and Freya. 


Connected to the fire element and masculine energy,  past experiences and woundings related to the masculine. Connect to your passions and desires, let go of the fear of perscecution in order to take aligned action.

In this Temple we are initiated and working with Isis, Mary Magdalene and Brigit.



Connected to the Water element, the divine feminine temple. Activating us to heal relationships, experiences and imbalances related to the Feminine. Create a deeper connection to your intuition, soul self and feminine wisdom.

For this Temple initiation we will be connecting with and activated by  Inanna, Aphrodite, and Mother Mary



The Air Element. This Temple is created to reignite your sovereign freedom, expansion and inspiration within your mind, body and Soul. Connection to your Higher Self, the Higher Realms, Christ Consciousness and your Starseed Lineage.

Guided and Initiated by Mother Mary, Yeshua, Sophia, Mary Magdalene, Isis and Gaia.



The 5th Temple, is the latest of the Sacred Temples, the Sun, Salt and Spirit; Mind, Body and Soul.

In this Temple Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit come together and are purified and materialised with Salt, which forms crystals in the shape of a cube. We connect with Metratron’s cube, the Elohim Dragons and the Goddess Al-Lat. 



This new module is designed to help those who want the Temple Initiate Certificate to hold the space and energy for each Temple.

Learn to protect their energy, the environment and to create grid activations for the Sacred Temples of Ascension to be channelled onto the New Earth.


For so long women have been made to feel that we aren’t strong enough, good enough, ‘businessy’ enough. That in order to succeed we need to be more like men… act like men, speak like men, dress like men, even become more like men in a biological sense. 

Well, that is no longer a belief I am willing to have and you shouldn’t either. 


For the divine feminine to rise within each of us. 

As this energy rises, as we feel and remember who we truly are and what we are,

we begin to release ego and competition.

We let go of limiting beliefs that have held us back and kept us small for too long.

We will no longer hide in the shadows.

We will no longer be greyed out.

Together, in this divine feminine force we will rise.

We are coming out in full colour as the absolute brilliance that we truly are. 


And so it is.

I can hand on heart say that Temple Journey has COMPLETELY changed my life. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone ready to step up into their next level of soul ascension & life. To be awakened to beautiful, powerful, feminine energies. For the seeds of growth, change & new life will be planted if you take this journey and embrace its messages. I am not the same person I was last winter. And though at times the transformation and the change since has been at times terrifying I wouldn’t change it for anything.
I believe this transformation was kickstarted by temple journey and my chosen initiation into the Priestess temple, that this was the beginning of an entirely new level of awakening, being & living in the world for me.
I am on a new path now, taking my first steps into the bigger life we are all born with the right to claim. AND this is only after taking part in the lives & activations last year. None of the extra rituals, journalling or reading. Because at the time it’s all my physical, mental & emotional body could take.
A relative newbie then into the levels of ‘woo’ Natalia opens you up to on this journey, I am now a fully proud Priestess initiate, ready to take this journey once more and fully embrace the true essence of who I came here to be. To leap fully out of the spiritual closet so to speak! To dive deeper, see further, soak up the new energies and reclaim my rightful place as a powerful divine feminine being here on Earth 🌹💃🏽✨❤️ xxx Who’s with me!? 😘

Sophie Tyler

We all have such amazing souls connecting us with like minded souls to feel truly happy. Sometimes we lose the key for connections and our direction gets lost. Natalia is that key unlocking us all to find not only ourselves but a stronger truer version ready to live life on our own terms and for the greater good.

Bonita Elms

My intentions for this programme where to connect with my feminine energy, to gain a deeper understanding of myself & how I can harness my feminine energy. I am very new to this kind of deep spiritual work, but Natalia held the space beautifully and I didn’t feel out of my depth or like I was being judged at all. I felt supported by the other women in the group and started to realise that there are no silly questions or coincidences. Since doing the programme I am definitely more in touch with my feminine energy, more intuitive and willing to embrace that side of myself. Interestingly I feel a whole lot more confident in showing up as my whole self and I think this is coming across in my social media and with my client work.

Sarah Atkins

Start the journey now at your own pace…

The Temple Journey programme runs live once a year, the next live round will be announced soon.

All self paced Temple Initiates have the opportunity to join the live programmes for an extra fee. 

On this journey ....

Initiations and Activations

Receive channelled initiations, activations, messages and healing from all the warriors, goddesses and priestesses connected to thee sacred forgotten Temples. These transmitions will keep your conscious body and soul connected to the Temples and their energy grids whilst you focus on your soul mission in this lifetime.

Womb & Inner Child Healing

As womxn, we have felt pain, suffering and persecution from the masculine. Our wombs are asking to be cleansed and healed now. These Temples reside within every womb and are being opened and revealed for us to embrace their teachings and power. Awaken your sexuality, release trauma and reconnect to your divine feminine wisdom. 

Awaken your leadership force

There are those of us who are being called to step up and lead now more than ever. We are being asked to let go of the fear of persecution and focus our light on aligned action and love to support our soul mission and the collective mission of planet Earth.

Elemental Healing™ & Crystal Grid Activation

As an Elemental Healer and Soul Channel I support you on this journey into the Forgotten Temples of the Earth and your Soul. Each Temple is connected to an element and we each are created by all the elements. Receive healing and full body Creative Light Activations to recode and awaken your energy and vibration. Heal your wounds and set you on a path to success.

This temple journey program was just amazing. It was better than I could ever have imagined it to be. It was a journey full of magic. I have learnt to listen more to my intentions, to show myself to others the way I am and not be afraid of making mistakes. As well as to nurture myself and not always doing everything for others. In these few weeks I’ve learned more about myself than in past few years. It was absolutely life changing. I’m so happy and grateful that I could join this journey. You are such an inspiration, Natalia Komis. Always very professional and kind. You were always there for me when I most needed it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Cornelia Walsh

I don’t really know why I signed up for this programme, but I felt compelled to join it and I chose to trust my intuition…I am so glad I did! This is probably the best thing I have invested in that was purely for myself, not my business or anyone else. This programme enabled me to connect with myself on a much deeper level than anything else I’ve ever done. I have learnt so much about myself, connected with my divine feminine energy, learnt how to harness it & work with it. The impact & ripple effect of this programme is far reaching throughout both my personal & business life and I am still implementing what I have learnt to positive effect in both. Thank you Natalia for breathing life into this programme & sharing your gifts.

Sarah Atkins

This was a lovely journey through different archetypes and temples, each teaching me something different, to harness my energy in a different way and deepening my connection to different sides of myself, bringing balance among them and helping embracing myself as a whole, as it is all part of who I am. Natalia’s guidance was soft and each initiation was a beautiful journey through our inner world and through a world of magic, guided by the goddesses.

I would define this programme as a soft and yet intense journey. Once you pay attention you notice how many things change in your life while you are on it, things take different shapes and you find yourself connecting the dots. One thing linked to another, you reflect on the balance of feminine and masculine, embrace the goddess within, the king and the queen. I loved connecting to the Goddesses and to myself, taking time to indulge in the relationship with my inner world and seeing the changes in my life.

Maryam Shater

Taking on the World, One Mission at a Time

Natalia Komis has served as an intuitive business mentor and soul channel for conscious leaders since 2012; she is a certified Elemental Healer™ and MindBody Reconnect Therapist, soul activator, serial social entrepreneur, and artist channelling divine creative light for the ascension of the New Earth. 

As a natural born healer Natalia has always communicated with Spirit, God and the Divine. For as long as she can remember she’s been flying through the cosmos with her warrior tribe in meditations and dreams in order to stay connected to her mission and that of our current world mission. 

The Temple Journey™ programme – a 5 part initiation – guides Temple Initiates to be healed and initiated into, hold space and energy for the Forgotten Sacred Temples of Ascension™ to be re-activated and re-built for the next ascension of the New Earth. 

What's included

1. Live Welcome Ceremony (FOR LIVE VERSION ONLY)

A call to learn about The Temple Journey and Programme and understand how the journey will be for you.


2. Elemental Healing & Creative Light Code Integration™ (Live Version only)

Receive 4 x remote Group Healing before each Temple & initiation. This healing will release any blocks you may coming into the Temple and supports you to raise your energy and align you to your soul mission and Temple Journey.


3. Temple Teachings

For every Temple, you will receive Channellings, Extra Meditations, Ancient Knowledge & Teachings to support your practice within each of them.


4. Replays of every live call and activation

Receive 5 x pre recorded videos and mp3s of each Temple Initiation  & replays of every live call we have inside the Temple Journey programme.


5. Temple Ritual Workbooks

Receive 5 x Workbooks with Rituals & Practices to take your Temple Journey to the next level.


6. Soul Work Workbooks

You will receive additional workbooks to help connect all of the energy work to your soul mission and work in this lifetime.


7. Circle Initiate Calls & Q&As (FOR LIVE VERSION ONLY)

Join 5 x Live Group calls to guide, support and ask any questions around your Temple Journey.


8. Private Telegram Community & Sisterhood

There will be a Private Telegram Community to connect with other Temple Initiates and be part of the new movement of womxn around the world reclaiming their power and stepping up to truly live and become their soul mission in this lifetime.


9. Sacred Temple Initiate™ Certificate

By completing this journey you will receive a certification honouring you as a Sacred Temple Initiate

10. Live Closing Ceremony (FOR LIVE VERSION ONLY)

Live call and ritual to close our journey together and activate your next.


Start the journey now at your own pace…

The Temple Journey programme runs live once a year, the next live round is likely not running until 2024. 


Join the Temple Journey at a VIP Level and have 1-1 access to Natalia including your own healing sessions…


💃 13 Week Temple Journey Programme

💃 2 x 60min soul alignment call

💃 2 x remote healing & channeling sessions 

💃 Early Access to TJ Retreat & Practitioners Course

💃 A Sacred Soul Care Box posted to you with crystals, blended oils and more

💃 Access to ‘Harness the Dark Goddess for Good’ Class & Activation

* you can book the healing or calls for any time over the first 13 weeks of the Temple Journey programme. 



This programme is an individual Journey to awaken and activate your soul mission and Divine Feminine Birthright.

This is a WOMXN only journey.

During this journey you will receive energy transmissions and activations from the Warriors, Goddesses and Priestesses connected to Mother Earth. This is a journey of personal and spiritual development to support you and your soul’s path. 



  • You have received some kind of energy healing before or you have become interested in receiving and learning more about it. 

  • You are ready to trust, release and have faith in Natalia as your teacher and guide to support your journey and receive the initiations that are part of it.  

  • You understand and accept that this will be a healing and releasing process and you may be triggered or affected emotionally in some way through this journey. You accept full responsibility for your triggers and wounds that may come up.

  • You understand that though we will talk about your work and soul mission this is a predominantly feminine course. Meaning it is less mind and logic and more intuition and flow – NOT a masculine focused training.


If I need extra support can I work with Natalia in more depth? 

Yes, there is a VIP option that offers 1-1 support throughout the first 13 weeks. Email Natalia for this option (hello(at)nataliakomis(dot)com)

Am I qualified to join the Programme?

You don’t have to have prior experience or qualifications to join this programme. Simply an open heart mind and soul. But please know that this programme is beyond being a training, it is a spiritual re-awakening and is only for those ready to support the energy coming in for themselves and the Earth.

Do I need to have a business?

No, this is for anyone who is either ready to step into their soul mission and feminine birthright or who already has.

What time will the live calls be held?

We will determine this when we have closed the doors to the programme in order for it to be suitable for most. Live calls are held every 2 weeks.

Do I need to attend all the Live Calls?

No, you don’t need to attend live, if you can’t attend live you will still receive all the energetic healing and activations as if you were.

What Currency do I pay in?

You pay in GBP, to know what this is is USD at the time click here.

What is the refund policy?

Once you have signed up to the programme and logged in there will be no refunds.

What is Elemental Healinand Soul Channelling?

You can find out more about this modality and how I practice it here.

Does the Certification allow me to teach this programme or qualify me as a Priestess or healer? 

No, the certification is to honour your individual journey not to take others on it. This course and all its materials are copyright to Natalia Komis. If you would like to become a Sacred Temple Healer, please ask Natalia about the follow on Practitioners Course. You must have done the Temple Journey Programme to do the Practitioners Course. 


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