The 5 day retreat to help you re-connect to your soul’s calling, purpose and creative expression.

All workshops and sessions were recorded live so you can take part whenever you want or need. 

You can do each day as many times as you like. 





A workshop or meditation every day to connect you to your own creative light and unique soul codes, harnessing the Earth’s elements and her divine wisdom. 

Combining soul business, spiritual wellness and creativity to help you connect, feel energised and supported during this crazy time of change. 

    What will you receive? 


    • Elemental Healing Meditations to help bring you into communication with the consciousness of Mother Earth and her elemental kingdoms for greater health, healing and empowerment.

    • Harness the Element of fire to take action on your new or long forgotten projects 

    • Create your very own unique creative light code™ and sigil to use for manifestation and visualisation (based on your astrological birth chart)

    • Creative free flow writing techniques with the help of the Greek Muses to connect with your intuition and mission

    • Put your new re-connection into practice by creating a piece that represents your current reality – you never know this could be the start of something new that moves into the new Aquarian Age with you! 

    All this and more for just £250! (worth £975)

    The only other time you will get access to these type of workshops and meditations is in the Conscious Business Design 9 month Mastermind.

    So this is an absolute steal and unique opportunity to be guided to experience the magic of your own creations and soul mission 

    I joined the retreat because it resonated with my soul. I loved how beautifully relevant it was to where I’m at now and how it was designed to help me reconnect with myself so I can receive and be open to messages from my soul and keep taking action on them.

    Natalia Szynkiewicz

    It was a wonderful week full of super interesting and new meditations and tools for life. I learned so much about myself and what I really want to bring into my life. I feel very calm, happy and full of good energy after the virtual retreat. Everything was done very professionally and with so much love by Natalia! Thank you so much!!!

    Cornelia Walsh-Kathriner

    Just £250

    Instead of what it’s really worth – £975!

    For 5 days of retreating, creating, healing!!

    Taking on the World, One Mission at a Time

    I have served as an intuitive business mentor and soul channel for conscious leaders since 2012; I’m an Elemental Healer™, soul activator, serial social entrepreneur, and artist channelling divine creative light for the ascension of the New Earth.

    As a natural born healer I have always communicated with Spirit, God and the Divine. For as long as I can remember I’ve been flying through the cosmos with my warrior tribe in meditations and dreams in order to stay connected to my mission and that of our current world mission. 

    My secret weapon is healing your blocks around self expression so you can be the change you wish to see. 

    Today I help visionary leaders, secret healers and conscious changemakers, like YOU, who struggle with communicating their unique gifts and balancing their workaholic tendencies to activate their Divine Creative Light Codes, be fully self expressed and make a positive impact in the world so they can step into their modern warrior energy and live their true soul mission on planet Earth.

    Conscious Business Design Mastermind

    Wondering how to step forwards into your soul mission?

    Looking for tools to help guide you in the right direction? 

    I believe we all have soul missions for this lifetime and I believe by following them we help to bring the Modern Golden Age to life, helping change the world for the better.
    If you enjoyed learning about the elements and the way that we harness holistic practices for your life and business then you’ll love my 6 month mastermind! 
    This is my signature 9 month mastermind based on my unique Elemental Business Design™ system so that you can discover and harness the Earth’s magic in your business and personal life. 
    Not only that but you will do so in an intimate group mastermind with other like minded souls, ready to step into their roles as Conscious Leaders for the New Age.
    Are you one of them?
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