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Looking to go even deeper?

Wondering how to step forwards into your soul mission?

Looking for messages from your soul family to help guide you in the right direction? 

I believe we all have soul missions for this lifetime and I believe we have a soul family who help us discover and fulfil this mission.
Through my remote energy healing and channeling sessions I can help you connect to your soul family and guides and to Mother Nature for messages, insights and healing.
Come with an intention and let go to allow for the messages to be channeled through for you. There all done completely remotely – you don’t even need to be on Zoom for them! Natalia simply tunes into your soul and energy to heal your mind, body and soul. The sessions are an hour long and you will get messages and a card reading from Natalia afterwards also.
Every session is recorded so you can listen back to the messages whenever you need.
Interested to know what your channeled messages might be?
To find out more about what Elemental Healing™  is and for more info on what these session entail download the Elemental Healing™ PDF here 
*Please do not buy this as a gift for others without their permission. Any kind of energy healing is only done with consent from the person receiving it.
Do you run or want to run your own aligned business? These can be great when done with the Soul Strategy Sessions (and there’s a discount when done together).

“Thank you very much for the distance elemental healing session, you really are truly amazing and wish you all the best in the new side to your business. I am so glad I found you and was able to connect to enable me to start my healing journey. I can’t explain how calm I feel since the session and on reading and listening to your notes and voice recording of the session you spoke about things which I could really resonate with. I truly wish you well and for anyone on the fence about booking in for a session please do it you will not be disappointed. Thanks once again.” Alison, Spiritual Practitioner

“When the session began I was in a deep relaxed meditative state. I began to see geometric shapes and my heart center was fluttering rapidly and after the session Natalia explained how my heart center was like a puppy who was barking and snapping at things. My flower fairy came to calm my heart and a beautiful red rose came to blossom… I’m excited for all the changes, attainments, insight and messages that took place. It was super insightful, energizing, motivational and all unfolding as I continue to release and step into the new. I feel so light and refreshed. Her energy was so nurturing, caring and powerful”. Ilham


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