Creative Light Code Activation™


Creative Light Code Activations™ are channelled by Natalia and are energetic codes imprinted into your DNA and light body for greater manifestation and alignment to your soul mission.


Want your unique Creative Light Activation Code™ channelled by Natalia?
These codes are channeled and then designed by Natalia for you to use in your manifesting and visualisation. Place around your home, on your vision board, altars or wherever takes your fancy.
They are energetic codes imprinted into your DNA and light body. By having the code in physical form you can consciously bring it into alignment with your current reality too.
Each session includes a small amount of healing and connecting to your soul self and guides in order to channel the code that is right for you at this time and to integrate it with your energetic blueprint.
You will receive the code in digital form as well as physical form, painted or drawn onto watercolour paper.
Postage is extra.


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