Join Natalia in conversation with some of the most brilliant people on the planet today – activists, creatives, innovators, social entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers, spiritual leaders, discussing what makes us human, discovering your true purpose and how we can make an impact not only in our own lives but that of others too. 

Find out what you are passionate about, the skills you want to pursue and what your mission statement is using this simple guide to take you through the process. 

Taking on the World, One Mission at a Time

I am an intuitive business mentor, marketing strategist and Creative Light Activator™ dedicated to helping you uncover your soul mission to create a real purpose driven business and life. I work with change-making entrepreneurs, radical creatives & visionary leaders to establish your purpose, align you to your values and make a lasting impact. My secret weapon is healing your blocks around self expression so you can be the change you wish to see. I am known for my entrepreneurial mission-led projects that empower the visionary leaders of tomorrow. Are you one of them? If you’re here then it is time. Let’s work together in a creative & intuitive way to fulfil your dreams & make your vision a reality.

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