Awaken Your Conscious Business with AI

Unlock the secrets or Atlantis and revolutionise your business with cutting-edge AI strategies in this new one of a kind programme.

You know you are here for more, you want to create more, do more.


You are ready to BE the WARRIOR you truly are

It’s time for freedom, fulfilment and positive change by creating a soul aligned business based on your unique codes and values.

The world is ready for you, are you?

My name is Natalia Komis and I am here to support you be the light the world needs. To guide you to tap into your intuition, become self expressed and activate your soul mission so you can be the conscious leader you were born to be.


It all starts with you.

Time to step into your greatness 🔥💃

You are more than ready

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Taking on the World, One Soul Mission at a Time

I am an intuitive business mentor, multi-passionate freedom warrior, soul channel and healer dedicated to helping you uncover your soul mission to create a real purpose driven business and life.

I work with visionary leaders, secret healers and conscious change-makers, who struggle with communicating their unique gifts and balancing their workaholic tendencies to activate their Divine Creative Light Codes, be fully self expressed and make a positive impact in the world so they can step into their modern warrior energy and live their true soul mission on planet Earth.

We work together in healing your heart, womb, body and discovering what your soul has been asking of you for so long so you can stop hiding, and start finally living your truth.

Natalia is a refreshing, grounded voice for the modern age, leading the worldwide Warriors of Ascension movement to activate ‘Philanthropia’ and Creative Christ Light energy for life on Earth.

Activating the warriors among us to come out of hiding and pick up arms in the form of energy and light to create balanced businesses that are in service to the Divine. 


For every purchase in the soul shop a tree is planted 

Get yourself or a friend a Soul Care Box, Cleansing Sage Spray, an Elemental Healing Session and more.

PHILANTHROPIA : “the love of humanity.”

Derived from the Greek word “philanthropos,” which combines two words: “philos”, loving in the sense of benefiting, caring for and nourishing; and “anthropos,” human being. 

“Philanthropia,” loving what it is to be human, was thought to be the key and essence of civilization. In the tale of Prometheus the word was associated with freedom and democracy. The Greeks also adopted “philanthropia” as an educational ideal with the goal for excellence of body, mind and spirit. 


“Natalia you are a game-changer and now a friend. Thank you so much for all of your support, for all your listening and for all of your ideas.”

Leah Anidi-Ryz

Working with Natalia over the last 6 months has been incredible. When I first joined the mastermind, I was feeling lost and uncertain about my career pathway and purpose. Natalia was there every step of the way, helping to support me in clarifying my direction, understanding my soul purpose, and giving her genuine feedback! She truly cares for each and every one of us, and has so much business and spiritual wisdom to offer!”

Rhi Wihardjo

“Working with Natalia is a transformative experience on so many levels. She truly cares about the whole person and how the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements come together in defining your mission and bringing it out into the world. The Activate Your Mission program is a comprehensive course in becoming your authentic self, breaking down self-imposed barriers, and putting your goals in motion. This isn’t another cookie-cutter course in starting an online business and becoming a digital nomad. It is about fulfilling your life’s purpose and not being afraid to live your truth. If you are serious about doing meaningful work on your own terms then this program is for you.”

Laura Talbot

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