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Together we’re going to change the world. One story, one soul, one mission driven business at a time.

Hi, I am Natalia, and I am here to tell you that you don't have to do this business thing alone.

We often start our journey thinking we can do everything ourselves, but the reality is we usually end up overwhelmed, stressed, freaked out and quite frankly burnt out.

So what actually ends up happening is we procrastinate, we run out of time, money or resources, we lose confidence and with that comes the fear. 

The fear of not being good enough, of failure, of success, of committing to the level of uncomfortable that brings change. 


I know because I've been there

but you don’t have to 



For those with the courage to listen to the whispers of their soul.
To rise from the ashes and build a better world.
To create a business based on honesty, trust, impact and soul alignment.
To bring your mission to the masses.

Let's bring the new earth into being

by bringing your soul mission into reality

This membership brings together everything you need to create, manifest and make an impact with your mission.

Including practical business and marketing workshops, creative tools and activations, spiritual guidance, accountability and support from your soul family.  




Who YOU are:


✨ You already have a business/idea or are in the process of starting one.

✨ You are fed up of feeling overwhelmed or of not taking enough clear action.

✨ You are full of ambition and drive and willing to put in the work to make your dreams a reality.

✨ You are ready to think outside the norm and build a brand that aligns with your soul’s mission.

✨ You don’t want to feel alone anymore and are looking for a sisterhood to connect with.

✨You don’t want to leave this world without leaving a positive mark.

You are here to create the change you wish to see.


Being surrounded by your people whenever you need support & accountability

Having clear & fun guidance on who to sell to & how to market your soul mission

Building a wildly successful & fulfilling business on your terms

Having a safe space to talk about anything & everything from a spiritual, personal and business perspective

Getting out of overwhelm & finally finding focus

Being cracked open for a deeper connection with your intuition & personal power

Having all the tools at your disposal with a click of a button 


Each month new masterclasses added to learn, expand & grow yourself & your business. From building your brand, growing your audience, creating foundations, taking aligned action and more.


To bring your soul misison to the world, a little soul work is needed. You’ll find meditations, mantras, exercises to deepen your connection & show up as the human on a mission that you truly are


We can’t do it all on our own. That’s where the Mission Seekers Community comes in. Find support, connection and accountability with like minded souls from around the world in our community space.


Downloadable checklists, exercises, templates and workbooks to help you every step of the way in bringing your mission to the world. No need to guess your way to success.


Get your questions answered in the monthly live Q&As. Any blocks or challenges – I got you! And especially if you need a kick up the bottom to head in the right direction!


By bringing your mission to the world you are creating double the impact! By focusing on your own PLUS each month a tree will be planted in your honour.

“Working with Natalia is a transformative experience on so many levels. She truly cares about the whole person and how the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements come together in defining your mission and bringing it out into the world. The Activate Your Mission program is a comprehensive course in becoming your authentic self, breaking down self-imposed barriers, and putting your goals in motion. This isn’t another cookie-cutter course in starting an online business and becoming a digital nomad. It is about fulfilling your life’s purpose and not being afraid to live your truth. If you are serious about doing meaningful work on your own terms then this program is for you.”

Laura Talbot, Activate Your Mission 

This group has been vital to my progress. When I first joined, I knew what my end goal was (a fulfilling remote job), but I had no clear idea on what exactly that meant for me. In the beginning, we did exercises to discover our mission…. Gaining the clarity and knowing what I want to accomplish, on a more specific level, has helped me tremendously. My brain was scattered and passions flew everywhere, but I learned that being multi-passionate is awesome AND you can hone them down without feeling you’ve left anything behind. I needed to understand that more than I realized. The most amazing part of this group was the support. We all grew to love each other like family and always had each other’s back. Life has twists and turns, and this environment was a safe space to cry, laugh, or scream. We were spread across the globe, which made it even more fascinating. It was truly an incredibly beneficial, authentic, and supportive experience.” Natalie Raff, The Action Group



  • Brand new masterclass – take your soul mission to the next level 
  • Live Q&A Group Coaching call – get your questions answered by Natalia
  • Templates & resources to help you achieve your goals 
  • Access to the private community – 24/7 support from your mission seeker sisters 
  • New Moon Intention Setting & Meditation 
  • Spiritual, creative & business guidance based on planetary alignments



Inside the membership you will find resources, meditations and trainings already uploaded. 

Including the full 5 days of the Soul Care Retreat! Workshops, meditations, activations and more! So you can go on retreat whenever you fancy.

Normally worth £247



I am an intuitive business mentor, marketing strategist, creative activator, Elemental Healing™ practitioner, artist and serial entrepreneur. Known for my entrepreneurial mission-led projects that empower the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Supporting creatives, social entrepreneurs and female leaders around the world since 2012, I am passionate about sharing the strategies and insights I’ve learnt along the way so your mission is brought to the world with ease and clarity.

My creative and holistic approach to business and marketing is revolutionising the way we see and do work and ‘making a living’. While my unique and modern businesses, programs and concepts, allow others to embrace their individuality, discover their true calling and create and accelerate memorable impact driven businesses that make a positive difference in the world.

I’ve been featured in the likes of Forbes, Grazia, Business Matters, Metro, BBC, online publications and blogs and on podcasts.

Making an impact on the planet ?

Making an impact on the planet ?

Every month 1 tree will be planted for each of you 

Trees are our life force and having been working with mother Gaia ever more closely the last year I feel even more passionate about protecting her. I know that if you are here you care about giving back too. So every 6 months I will chose a different cause and charity to donate to based on the Sustainable Development Goals.


Doors to the membership are currently closed for enrolment

The time is now

let's change the world, together






Can I cancel any time?

Yes this is a monthly membership and you can cancel whenever you like. However if you cancel as a founding member and would like to rejoin in the future you would do so at the price at the time of rejoining. 

What if I don’t know what business I’m setting up yet? 

The membership is relevant for those just starting out just as much as those already started. There’s a mix of masterclasses and spiritual components to support all levels. 

Do I have lifetime access? 

No, your access lasts as long as you are a paying member.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership? 

Yes if you join at the normal membership level and would like to upgrade to the Plus level with 1-1 Voxer coaching you can do so any time through your membership portal. 

Do I need to have Facebook? 

No you do not need Facebook. Our private community is hosted elsewhere, but it acts in a similar way to Facebook. There is a desktop and app version for this. 

What can I expect from the 1-1 coaching?

We use an app called Voxer to communicate. These are not 1-1 calls, but text and voice notes, just like you’d do on whatsap with your bestie. You can ask me questions or get my opinion on something throughout the week and I will respond every Friday between 10am – 6pm UK time. 

What if I don’t have time to make the most of the content every week? 

It is entirely up to you how and when you use the membership. Of course those who are able to show up more often will get more. But everyone goes at their own pace. You might have an off week or month, that’s totally fine you can just catch up the next one! 

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds given for the Mission Seekers Membership, but you can cancel at any time. 


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