Changing the world one mission at a time

For as long as I can remember, creation in any form to me meant not only innovating, but changing things for the better.

Whether that was shining a light on things that were hidden, telling untold stories that would shape the way we thought and lived, helping people believe in themselves so they can live their truth, helping people flee war zones and natural disasters, saving animals, or just by being a nice fricking human. 

So it goes without saying that through all that I do I hope to leave the world a better place. I fully believe that the more people live their soul mission and follow their light the happier the world will be. But in the process of doing this, I am committed to doing as much as I can for people and planet. 

Below are some of the ways working with me helps to do this.


Planting Trees

For every client who joins a programme or purchases via the Soul Shop, at least one tree is planted. We have planted over 180 trees, that’s over 35 t CO2. Plus, this website is Carbon Neutral, meaning all the CO2 emissions the website generates is offset by planting trees. See the trees planted here

Supporting Women

I have partnered up with Women for Women Int, to support women rebuild their lives after war. Through my programmes so far we have supported 3 women to go through a 12 month business programme, where they have learnt new skills and created new businesses.

Supporting People, Planet & Causes

When a cause comes to light that needs our attention then support is directed there, be it financial or practical. We have supported several causes through the Warriors of Ascension Membership over the last 2 years and will continue to do so as and when it feels right to do so.

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