It’s time to Reclaim Your

Feminine Fire Power

I am so excited and grateful to share my story and sacred information with you so that you too can understand why our feminine fire power is so very important. 

After 5 years of pain, trauma and resentment I healed the most sacred part of myself, in the space of just a few months and I know you can too!

This 2 part masterclass will support you to understand the difference between your feminine and masculine energy, to explore and activate your own feminine fire & sexual power and how to harness is for your life and business in a truly miraculous way. 

Want to discover what it really means to be in your feminine power & how to reclaim it for your business and life? 

I have been on a deep, personal journey with women’s health, sex and understanding and accepting my feminine energy for years.

I’ve spoken out about things I don’t believe in – about gender equality and the #metoo movement (I even spoke on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme about this). About shitty experiences I had with the medical profession, painful sex, my relationship with the pill, trauma and control that affected me since childhood. 

Over the last 3 years I’ve contributed to countless press articles and been featured on numerous podcasts including co-hosting the Bare Naked Chats Podcast that explored some of these topics. 

And all of this helped, but it wasn’t until 2019 that I fully committed to healing my relationship with my femininity and the divine sexual force within me. 

In doing so I was able to reclaim my own sexuality, sensuality and feminine power. I remembered who I was in my full firey goddess energy. I reconnected to pleasure, desire, fun, love, and a divine feminine energy I hadn’t realised I’d been denying myself.

“Hi lovely, I’ve been on a roller coaster today thanks to this masterclass jajaja. I was going to send you an audio but I was all over the place in my head. I have to be honest I wasn’t going to watch this, I was like: nooo, I can’t deal with this I am scared about the feminine energy and the sex and the creation an all this lol. But then I watched your live on the facebook group and realized that I was already into this so I may as well learn about it. And I trick myself into the masterclass: You don’t have to watch the full thing, you can go away any time.

I wanted to thank you, it was really moving. It put into motion a lot of things about how to find the balance between the masculine and feminine part of me, how to deal with the emotions, but especially about some things I’ve been struggling lately.

My intention was: I need to shine a light to my shadows and by the end of it I knew how to deal with that shadow self and the origin of it. And felt so much lighter.

I knew 2 years ago I had to come back to Chile, and this year you’ve been on my mind a lot, because 2020 has been THE year. So many things are changing and I feel I am part of the feminine power rising here. I am part of a tribe of women who are changing themselves and are going to change things. In business, in the culture, in the judicial system and I am glad I can be a part of that.
Today I felt so empowered and so clear about that, about this place being the right place to see this change, to be a part of that change.

Thank you. For sharing yourself, for helping us heal, for helping us connect, for awakening the feminine power that I totally felt in my body.”

Carla Forla

Hello my lovely! WOW what can I say! Thank you so so much for last night. 🙏🏼🔥💃🏽 I can already feel such huge shifts within myself. Such clarity. This burning desire to just do and be who I’m meant to be and stop apologising, antagonising over the details, being scared. Just let her out! Haha.

It’s like a deep knowing, a belief in myself that was growing got rooted if that’s makes sense!?

It’s just the beginning but I’m already so fired up 🔥  Thank you! Xx

Sophie Tyler

Embrace your true Goddess Power

Deep dive & embody your feminine, sensual, magick ✨

You will experience : 

  • Journalling to help you connect to your intuition and divine feminine force. 
  • Deep meditation and visioning to help you meet your divine feminine self and reconnect with her essence.
  • Messages from Mary Magdalene, Isis and the Sisterhood of the Rose (oh you better expect the warrior woo vibes!). 
  • Creative Activations to help you rediscover your true spark. 
  • Tools and teachings you can explore in your own time and come back to whenever you need. 

Why am I doing this? 

I really truly believe that the information I share along with the tools, activations and processes you will receive will change your world for the better. And in doing so change the world too.

Everything I will be sharing I have experience myself and have healed myself with. 

I can’t tell you the difference this has made to my life and I’m so excited to see you evolve too. 


In June 2019 I remember telling my mum how I hadn’t realised how NUMB I’d been and how suddenly I am able to FEEL again. How the world was grey and now it’s not. That I feel like a new person, a WOMAN. 

There is a  very simple reason for this and I share this and SO MUCH MORE in this series. 

For so long womxn have been made to feel that we aren’t strong enough, good enough, ‘businessy’ enough. That in order to succeed we need to be more like men… act like men, speak like men, dress like men, even become more like men in a biological sense. 

Well, that is no longer a belief I am willing to have and you shouldn’t either. 


For the divine feminine to rise within each of us. 

As this energy rises, as we feel and remember who we truly are and what we are,

we begin to release ego and competition.

We let go of limiting beliefs that have held us back and kept us small for too long.

We will no longer hide in the shadows.

We will no longer be greyed out.

Together, in this divine feminine force we will rise.

We are coming out in full colour as the absolute brilliance that we truly are. 

Join me on the 8th of August to start your journey in Reclaiming Your Feminine Fire Power and become the warrior goddess that you are.


And so it is.

I’ve never been one to shy away from talking about my experiences, especially when it comes to women’s health and sexuality. 

This is the only way in fact I feel that women and the divine feminine can become empowered again – through communication and self expression. 

During the time that I began to explore my feminine essence and heal my sacred sexual energy I started to speak out in several places. 

Early 2020 I had a piece in the Sunday Telegraph all about my experience of healing and embracing my sexuality again. You can read it here.

And below are a few other places I tlak about this and more…

Bare Naked Chats Podcast

The podcast where we discuss the modern female experience and everything in between. Listen to Season 1 now.

Stylist Magazine

I contributed to a piece in Stylist Mag about a horrible smear test. This experience led to a visit to the doctor which is where my faith in the medical profession dissolved. 

Dating Abroad

I talked to the lovely ladies from Dating Abroad about relationships, sex, communication and how this all looked during the first lockdown after the start of my healing. 

Taking on the World, One Mission at a Time

Natalia Komis has served as an intuitive business mentor and soul channel for conscious leaders since 2012; she is an Elemental Healer™, soul activator, serial social entrepreneur, and artist channelling divine creative light for the ascension of the New Earth. 

As a natural born healer Natalia has always communicated with Spirit, God and the Divine. For as long as she can remember she’s been flying through the cosmos with her warrior tribe in meditations and dreams in order to stay connected to her mission and that of our current world mission. 

The Temple Journey™ programme – a 5 part initiation – guides Temple Initiates to be initiated into, hold space and energy for the Forgotten Sacred Temples of Ascension™ to be re-activated and re-built for the next ascension of the New Earth. 

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