It is time we come into communication with the consciousness of Mother Earth, with ourselves and with the service we are here to be and to give.

To make a bigger, better, impact.

The world needs you. The earth is calling you. You are here to be of service. Let's make it happen.

 This is the only transformative program that combines business and marketing strategies, creative activations and spiritual practices based around the Earth’s Elements to enhance your connection and bring your business to the world with ease and impact.

A completely unique program designed to REALLY dig into who you really are.


I am one of a handful of people globally certified in a modality called Elemental Healing™. Through this and my spiritual and creative upbringing I have created a new business model that harnesses the wisdom of the Earth and her elemental kingdoms and connects it with business – this system is called Elemental Business™.

Over 12 months we will be drawing from the primal elements of earth, water, air, fire and spirit to bring your mission to life, take clear impact driven action and take you on a journey of self discovery and lasting change.

In essence, to take you on your soul’s path of purpose, peace and positive impact.

To build and scale a business that will be as successful as it is impact driven.

To become a conscious leader for the Modern Golden Age.


Who YOU are:


✨ You already have a business or are in the process of starting one, or you are looking for your calling.

✨ You are fed up of feeling overwhelmed or of not taking enough clear ALIGNED action.

✨ You are full of ambition and drive and willing to put in the work to make your dreams a reality.

✨ You are ready to think outside the norm and build a brand that aligns with your soul’s mission.

✨ You’re done with constantly getting burnt out,  of not knowing how to manage your energy – it’s time for FLOW.

✨ You know you are here for more and you are ready to explore what that is – beyond just making money.

✨ You are not afraid to go down a rabbit hole and to open up your soul to something new.

✨You don’t want to leave this world without leaving a lasting legacy.

You are here to create the change you wish to see.

We’re not playing around anymore.

This is more important than just you or me.

This is us. This is the world.

Working with Natalia has been incredible. When I first joined the mastermind, I was feeling lost and uncertain about my career pathway and purpose. Through the group trainings and 1-1s with Natalia, I was able to start opening up to be honest with myself and everyone else. Natalia was there every step of the way, helping to support me in clarifying my direction, understanding my soul purpose, and giving her genuine feedback! She truly cares for each and every one of us, and has so much business and spiritual wisdom to offer!

Since starting the mastermind I became the Head of People and Culture, started and finished my Pilates Instructor course, started my Pilates business, started instructing online and offline and more. This mastermind and Natalia’s support helped me re-gain that confidence in myself to take on roles that were, in some ways, out of my comfort zone and to really stand up for myself and the life that I want to live. I’ve noticed huge changes in my throat chakra, where I am now way more confident in speaking in public, teaching pilates, and in speaking up for things at work. I’ve been able to also re-gain my trust and belief in myself and know where my boundaries lie. It was truly an amazing experience doing the Conscious Business Design mastermind and I still cannot believe just how much I was able to accomplish during those 6 months with Natalia’s support!”

Rhi Wihardjo 

“I loved this mastermind, from the beginning to the end. It has been a great experience. I have felt the support both at personal and business level. I have felt the evolution of my needs and focus, being able to take action and starting to think in a different way has been extremely valuable. I have at times felt resistance against this (especially taking action) but I am so glad I was accompanied in doing it, because the biggest obstacle was that/myself. The calls and being able to share with others was very valuable. The mastermind provided me with support, to feel more grounded and work through blocks, I also feel it has given me accountability and responsibility, tools to put in practice and understanding about strategies and steps to take in order to set solid foundations for my business. Personally it has helped me a lot to gain clarity and to feel better about the path I am on, to feel more aligned, to show up. I feel more supported and aligned, determined to take action and to work/achieve my vision. I also have taken (imperfect) action and set up my own programmes in the process.”

Maryam Shater

“I’ve got more clarity around my soul mission and a better understanding of who I am and how I do percieve myself and how others perceive me.

My inner critic has definitely gone a bit more quiet 🙂 I’ve become braver and more open to share my voice and my creations, which in the past I struggled with. I loved the connection we all had and how spiritual the course was and all that I’ve learnt about elements, astrology and myself. Now I’m strenghtening my inner foundations and laying foundations for my soul aligned business.”
Natalia Szynkiewicz

“The CBD mastermind and Natalia have been so supportive for me and my work over the last year. My work has transformed into something new, exciting, and so much more in alignment with my values than what I was doing before joining. CBD is very holistic, while you do gain a lot of business knowledge, you also focus on yourself and on building a life that works for you, a business that supports the life that you dream of. The group in the programme was also so amazing, I felt so lucky to have support, inspiration and expertise from the other entrepreneurs in the group, and I know we will continue to support each other for years to come. I personally loved the connection to the elements, it helped me to bring everything in my work back to nature, to give things time and patience. I find it easier to trust the process and to trust my own pace than I did last year as a result. Natalia offers so much guidance and creates a really beautiful space, I’m sure I’ll continue to work with her in different respects over the years and closely follow what she has on offer, as she is a valuable coach to have in your corner. From her experience, she offers more than standard coaching as she has expertise from many different areas to draw from, which her clients hugely benefit from. Thank you Natalia for everything ❤

Tamzin Merivale

Imagine if...

  • You were no longer struggling with continual fear of failure or not feeling good enough

  • You were able to easily blend holistic practices with business strategy to create a successful business that is in FLOW with who you are

  • You really BELIEVED that your ideas and gifts were enough to make a difference in this world AND acted on this

  • Anxiety, stress and procrastination were a thing of the past because you were confident in what you REALLY wanted to do

  • You know EXACTLY who your SOUL CLIENTS are and no longer feel resentful of the clients you work with

  • You know HOW to find, talk to and work with your soul clients in a way that will make you all happier and more fulfilled 

  • You have all the support you need to disrupt those limiting beliefs holding you back

  • You have a clear strategy in how to move forwards whilst having the right foundations for your future work

  • You are working WITH the seasons, instead of constantly pushing your way through and burning out in the process 

Business Masterminding

Join a supportive group of like minded souls who are ready to take their mission and business to the next level. Over the 12 months receive business support and mentoring, brainstorm, and leave having created something new or something better that you can currently imagine!

Elemental Business™ Philosophy

Use the only business framework that harnesses the Earth’s 5 elements and all 7 chakras to create and streghten the conscious business you are meant to bring to the world or coonscious leader you are destined to be. 

1-1 Mentoring & Spiritual Coaching

Along with group coaching and business trainings you also receive 1-1 mentoring and spiritual coaching from Natalia *with VIP option.

The Elemental Launch Method™

Launch your new business, service, product or idea through my unique Elemental Launch Method™ & get all the support you need to do it.

Energetic Alignment & Activations

Be aligned and activated to the energy of each element and receive group Elemental Healing to heal your blocks and align with your mission.

Astrological Business Readings

Harness astrology to understand your soul mission, your clients, what you are meant to do and how you show up through your astrological birth chart. 


I am a spiritual business mentor, marketing strategist, soul channel, Elemental Healing™ practitioner, artist and serial social entrepreneur. Known for my entrepreneurial mission-led projects that empower the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Supporting creatives, social entrepreneurs and female leaders around the world since 2012, I am passionate about sharing the strategies and insights I’ve learnt along the way so your mission is brought to the world with ease and clarity.

My creative and holistic approach to business and marketing is revolutionising the way we see and do work and ‘making a living’. While my unique and modern businesses, programs and concepts, allow others to embrace their individuality, discover their true calling and create and accelerate memorable impact driven businesses that make a positive difference in the world.

I’ve been featured in the likes of Forbes, The Sunday Telegraph, Grazia, Business Matters, Metro, BBC, online publications and blogs and on podcasts.


What will it involve?


✨ 12 months of business strategy, mission activation, deep spiritual connection, soul wisdom, healing and Elemental Business™ 


You will learn about the different elements and their elevant practical actions & themes according to business and life. How to embody what you’ve learnt, launch your new ideas and show up in full soul expression:

earth element symbol

1 : Earth

Connecting to the Earth element, grounding, re-centring with your mission, getting clear on your  plan

earth element symbol

2 : Water

Drawing from Water to bring ease & flow into your business, less overwhelm, more adaptability, more feminine energy, time to birth your creations

earth element symbol

3 : Fire

Harnessing Fire in your life & business, getting creative, taking action, getting out there

earth element symbol

4 : Air

Embracing Air to clear what is no longer serving, establish what needs to change, get clear on who you serve

earth element symbol

5 : Spirit

Aligning to Spirit, becoming truly authentic & energised on our mission & the impact we are here to make. Spreading your message!

earth element symbol

6: EMerge

Embrace all the elements to show up in full self expression & market to your soul clients through Elemental Business. 

earth element symbol

7: Elemental Launch Method™

A series of modules to support you launching your services, products or offers. With live support throughout. 

This program consists of  pre-recorded modules with training, energetic activations and meditations and more.  During live calls there will be hot seat sessions as well as support and accountability to get you on track with your soul mission and business.

I do not and will not be teaching the full framework of my Elemental Business™ Philisophy on any other program or even in my 1-1 packages. So this is the only way you will be able to access this unique system.

What if I get behind?
No such thing! You can continue to stay in this program for as long as you like. It is essentially a 12 month high level membership. 

Meet the Conscious Leaders who’ve been part of CBD previously…

What is Elemental Healing™?

Elemental Healing™ is a new energy healing modality that brings you into communication with the consciousness of Mother Earth and her elemental kingdoms for greater health, healing and empowerment.

Natalia is one of very few people worldwide certified in this new modality and everyone who has experienced it so far has had amazing insights, messages and changes in their lives. Natalia also channels messages from your soul, guides or loved ones during the sessions. These could be messages for your health, wellbeing or even your business.

Receiving a treatment of Elemental Healing™ and Soul Channelling can create profound shifts in your consciousness, and support you to feel more focused, confident and connected to your intuitive self.

Giving back to Mother Gaia

Giving back to Mother Gaia

For everyone who joins this mastermind 5 trees will be planted in your honour.

As a gratitude gift to Mother Earth for sharing her infinite wisdom with us. You will receive tree planting certificates and the co-ordinates for where your trees have been planted.


✨ Included :


  • 2 x Live Rounds of Group Masterminding & Coaching per year. Recorded so you can watch again –usually over 1 month in Autumn & Spring. (worth £6000+)
  • 16 x Elemental Business Lessons. Practical soul-led business trainings based on the elements (worth £5000)
  • 5 x Elemental Activations to connect you to each element (worth £1500)
  • Monthly Optional Group Co-working Sessions (worth £1000)
  • Elemental Business™ Design Workbooks for every module for you to do in your own time and use again and again as needed
  • Astrological birth chart reading to understand your soul mission, soul clients and how to show up for them (worth £350)
  • Monthly Accountability with assignments to make sure you’re putting what you learn into action
  • Insights into planetary & energetic alignments 
  • Private Group Space for accountability, support & connection (invaluable)
  • Monthly journal prompts to guide you on your journey 


A special workshop on understanding your Human Design 

Access to the Warriors of Ascension Membership with 40+ business classes and meditations already available! (newsletter marketing, soul boundaries, protecting your energy, preparing for the new earth, soul marketing and so much more). (invaluable)

A powerful Systemic Constellations session with Nicola Moss!

First dibs & discount to Natalia’s retreat 

     TOTAL WORTH IS OVER £20,000!!

    When does it start?

    Sign up anytime & join the live calls when they become available again : 

    November 2024

    May 2025 

    12 x £300 per month  OR £3500 pay in full


    12 x £597 or £7000 pay in full

    (The only other way to get 1-1 access to Natalia starts at £12k!)

    Are you ready??


    Be the Visionary that you are and join us in making this the year that you never forget!


    ✨ VIP OPTION ✨




    Want to have a chat with Natalia first to see if it’s a good fit? Book an activation call here! 


    Can I pay in instalments? 

    Yes you pay your first month on acceptance into the mastermind. And then it will be the monthly price after that for another 12.

    How is the program run?

    It’s all online via Zoom and Telegram. It is a group program, during the lives everyone gets a chance to talk, work through their questions, get solutions to their problems and gain support from the group as a whole.

    When are the group calls?

    The calls will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays most likely 12:30pm BST or 6pm BST or a combo of the two) twice a year for 4 weeks at a time.

    Will there be a physical meetup?

    There will be an option to join a retreat for all those who have participated in CBD. You will get extra bonuses and a discount to the next retreat. 

    I haven’t got a fully fledged business yet does this matter?

    Ideally you have already started on your business in some way or are ready to and are fully committed to living the conscious entrepreneurship lifestyle – even if the what and how may change. You can harness the teachings for any part of your life, however the focus will be on using the tools and guides for business or setting up a purpose lead project. So it is most suited to those who have or want a business or wanting to go freelance.

    I haven’t done any woowoo spiritual stuff before, is that ok?

    That is totally fine! However, you do need to be open to connecting to your spiritual nature (though we’ll be practicing what I like to call ‘Grounded Spirituality’). This container is both for those new to spirituality and those already connected. Often Temple Journey Initiates will join as the next part of their soul journey.

    I’m in a different timezone how would that work?

    I work with people globally, and so we make sure that we have different times for the calls. As long as I’m aware of where you are our 1-1 hours won’t be affected. 

    I will be travelling quite a bit does this matter? Not at all, we’re all adventurous souls here! Travel away and tune in online whenever you get the chance. The world is pretty well connected these days so unless you’re in the middle of the Amazon you should be fine.

    Will I have the time along with other commitments I have? Will you ever have the time? Our live calls can last 2-3 hours, but you have all year to watch the trainings and do the activations. All live calls are always recorded so if you miss any you can watch the replays.  If you’re still reading, now is the time. 😉

    I am particularly interested in social impact and making a difference through the work that I do. Will this be the right program for me? 

    You bet!! All of my clients want to leave the world a better place. So you will be in great company. You might even end up collaborating on doing good. How cool would that be? Plus, don’t forget through joining this program you are planting 5 trees 💚

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