Working smarter is all about understanding your mission, what you are doing and why.

Then it’s about figuring out how you work in the most efficient way.

As a creative my mind is constantly being stimulated by what is going on around me and I often lead off on tangents.

After trying many different productivity hacks, I now understand what works for me. I now understand that I can only work on a particular task for a certain amount of time. That I get bored easily and that I actually work efficiently when I can turn my attention to something new throughout the day. Therefore I always have 2 or 3 different things on my priority ‘to do’ list each day.

I break all of these up with having moments in between to switch my brain off and allow for the inspiration and creativity to kick in.

Three main things I do to help re-ignite my focus in between tasks:

Jump on the trampoline: this is actually a great way to get your brain multitasking on something new that helps to increase your concentration. this requires you to manage multiple things all at once – balancing, jumping, anticipating your next move and how you will fall.

Go for a walk (in nature if possible): I always try to work somewhere that is near a park, by the sea or with some kind of nature nearby. I love being able to just walk away from the computer and breath in nature. Breathing, being the key here. Taking a moment to really focus on my breath and take in my surroundings always helps me. It not only has calming and restorative qualities, I always come back inspired and with new ideas, or with solutions to a problem.

Move and make – whether that’s doing something in the garden, cleaning the kitchen, baking a cake or going for a quick dip in the sea. Some kind of movement and a task that has nothing to do with my work always helps me.

Be Creative – If I’m at home I always have my easel up and ready for me to do some painting. This way it doesn’t take long to set up, all I have to do is walk away from my computer and pick up a brush. I also have paper and pencils in my drawer below my desk if I fancy a doodle. Again, easy access, less pressure. It’s almost never about the final outcome but more about the act of simply creating.

How do you work smarter? If you also find it hard to keep your concentration try out some of my hacks and let me know if they helped!

And if you are stuck at my first point – understanding your mission – then get in touch! We can hack this in one soul wisdom discovery session. Because I don’t mess around with this kind of stuff. It’s important and it’s crucial and you need to be on your mission NOW.


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