why passion is important for conscious business

When you are building a conscious driven business the why behind it is often more important than the what.

You can be selling just about anything as long as the why is aligned with it. Because more often than not, if the why is priority the what will always be good too.

However when you start a business with the what (and let’s be honest, it’s often money) in mind first then it’s much more likely that you will soon experience burn out, procrastination, exhaustion or boredom.

Those who know me know that I love animals, I love nature, I love helping people live their true soul mission on this planet, I love being able to help people make a difference. 

And I intertwine all of this into my business and my own soul mission. Because it is what gets me out of bed each morning. It is what keeps me going. It is what I do and can’t not do.

Here’s the thing about starting your own business, it’s super easy to give up when the going gets tough, when you get bored, when you don’t feel people are listening, when you haven’t got the clients in a certain timeframe.

But when you are passionate about what you do, and perhaps, more importantly understand why you do it, then though all of the other stuff may still affect you at times, you keep going because you love it. Because you know you have to.

When you are building a conscious driven business you are on a mission.

A mission that not only fuels you to give back, but give first.

This becomes your driving force, no matter what. And that is more powerful than you can imagine.

It becomes the fire in your belly that doesn’t go out.

So how do you start a business based on your passions?


Below are some of the questions I ask my clients when we talk about our mission and passions and I urge you to ask yourself them now too if you are still searching or if you are questioning what you’re doing atm.


1. What are you most passionate about?

Perhaps you have more than one passion that’s totally fine – write them all down. Maybe you’ve even got some passion projects on the side already. Or you talk out about a certain topic often, or you like to read about a subject more than normal. Write them all down!


2. What makes you cry?

This is a big one for me. If something makes you cry, whether it is sad, happy, or just emotional tears then it is something that truly touches you to the core. In your heart of hearts something is telling you this is part of your soul’s calling. LISTEN TO THAT. For me, it’s animals, I always cry when there’s anything to do with animals. Recently I read an article about women protesting against climate change whilst breastfeeding their babies, this also made me cry. Why? Because I feel passionate about our future, about nature and am deeply concerned about having children because of what the planet and the future might look like for them. This moved me to my core and made me want to act immediately. What does this for you?


3. What has shocked you to the core?

What do you feel has shocked you to the core? Perhaps news you’ve recently heard, research you’ve discovered, an incident you witnessed, an experience you’ve been through. What was that and why do you think it shocked you so much? When the fires in the Amazon were happening I was totally shocked to the core. I felt so helpless, depressed even, I actually spent a whole morning crying. And then I moved into action. I researched and the more I did so the more shocked I became. This made me do more.


4. What can you NOT do or say something about?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re in a conversation with someone and you know you shouldn’t disagree and you should just move on, but you just can’t, because what they are saying/doing is just morally wrong in your mind/eyes. You just can’t control yourself because what this is about truly matters to you more than upsetting said person. What is this for you? For me, I often talk out about gender equality, animal rights and unnecessary plastic consumption.

Once you have your answers to the above and especially if you already are running your own business or freelancing I urge you to then answer the following:

  • How much do you really believe in the impact?
  • How much do you really want it to happen?
  • How much can I see myself standing up for this?
  • How emotional do I get about this?

Want to explore your passion and put it into practice to make a bigger, better impact in the world?

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