Eclipse season happens twice a year with a lunar eclipse on a Full Moon and a solar eclipse on a New Moon. During this time we can feel out of sorts, exhausted or even triggered. So here are a few tips to support you to not only survive, but thrive in your life and work during eclipse season. 

What are eclipses though? 

Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon align with the Lunar Nodes (also called the Nodes of Destiny). The South Node represents what I like to think of as your past lifetimes or experiences. The North Node represents your future or your mission here in this lifetime. 

The Nodes move through the zodiac in opposing signs, and take up to 18 months to move through each sign. In 2024 we have a lunar eclipse on the 25th March in Libra and a total solar eclipse on the 8th April in Aries. 

The total solar eclipse in April will be visible across the US and is predicted to be a very powerful one. 

Then there will be a partial lunar eclipse again on 18th September in Pisces and an annular solar eclipse on the 2 October in Libra. 

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Tips to support you during eclipse season:

REST & REFLECT during eclipse season, we can often get super tired. The energy is heightened, and potentially our emotions too. Over the 4-6 weeks of eclipse season it is important to allow yourself time to rest and be more in your feminine energy. This is also a good time for inward reflection and journaling. Remember not to judge yourself as you do this. Resting is just as important as doing. You will need this time to allow for reflection in order to have clarity and a full-body hell yes when it’s finally time to get moving again.

CLOSE DOORS, ACCEPT ENDINGS AND MAKE CHANGES – Eclipses are powerful catalysts for change. Often during eclipse season we are shown the things that are no longer in alignment with who we are and where we are going. This can sometimes be tricky and scary to accept, let alone act upon. The thing about eclipse season is that if you don’t make the necessary adjustments, they will be made for you. Take it from me, it is often better to close the doors yourself and move forward in your own power. 

SURRENDER TO YOUR MISSION – stop fighting what you came here to do and what your soul requires of you. You don’t always need to know the how. In fact, during eclipse season, things won’t necessarily be crystal clear, but you will be able to surrender to how you feel and move with that. 

Eclipses and your business : 

It is likely you will go through big reflections and shifts in your business during eclipse season. Perhaps it’s where you decide to close a programme, let go of a business or even say goodbye to a client or business partner. 

Again, be open to changes and letting go, as this is what will support you in your growth and expansion. If you’re feeling the call to step into your powerhouse conscious leader and CEO that you know you can be, then this is the time to get your ducks in a row so you can do exactly that. 

Perhaps you need to do some inner healing, or you need to have some tricky conversations, or let go of the version of you that was attached to your previous business or work. Do that now! 

Once eclipse season is over you’ll be ready to rise like a phoenix and step into your next level, bringing your conscious business with you for the ride. 🔥

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*This blog has been updated with 2024 dates.

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