All of us stumble on needing to overcome a creative block every now and again, but it’s up to us to stumble back out of it and find a solution.

Are you having trouble figuring out your next marketing campaign or how you’re going to land your next client, or even how you’re going to communicate your brand identity?

Sometimes when we’re too deep in our business we simply can’t see the wood from the trees. All ideas seem like good ideas because all problems seem like awful problems and all you want to do is solve something so you can move on, make a plan, set some goals and start actually hitting them!

Here’s my proven method of using creativity to solve my biggest blocks in business and make an impact:


1. What are you working on that needs solving?

Write down all of the challenges you are currently facing in detail, bullet point them and then pick the one that’s really bothering you. The one that makes you want to scream at the sight of it. What about it is causing you jipp? Why are you having trouble coming up with a solution? Now consciously try and come up with an answer.

2. Go for a walk, paint, meditate or have a shower!

Doing something entirely unrelated allows you to relax and lets your mind subconsciously work on solving the problem. If you can paint or draw without overly thinking about it then this is a great way to get the creative side of your brain working and problem solving of its own accord. We all know that meditation is a great way to be present, to reduce stress and to feel a sense of belonging to oneself again.

This stillness allows our crazy over-thinking mind to chill out and allow the problem solving part to do it’s thing. Likewise, when you’re having a shower, your brain switches modes and turns on blue noise – you can almost imagine you’re on holiday.

3. The genius has landed.

I tend to go for a walk to get my mind moving and my inspiration flowing and if I come up with anything interesting during my walk I’ll record my thoughts on my phone. Yes sometimes I look like a crazy person, but you can’t let those ideas run away! Other times I’ll have a notebook next to me whilst I’m meditating or painting as I find that I just need to jot things down as they come and not focus on them too much.

4. What was that problem again?

Head back to the original drawing board and read over what you thought was the problem. Then check in with what you came up with during your breakout session. Did any genius ideas show up, or new ways of looking at the problem in the first place? I bet you’ll find a golden nugget in there somewhere!

You have all the creative genius you need inside of you. Sometines you just need a little reminder to step away and do something different in order to overcome the creative block and unlock your unique soul mission. 

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