Season 1, Episode 11

Overcoming cultural blocks with Sharn Khaira 

About This Episode

In this conversation with the lovely Sharn Khaira, we discuss her mission and journey to being a successful female Asian entrepreneur and how she’s passionate about helping others overcome their cultural blocks to do the same. We talk about the beauty in scaling slow and why this worked so well for AFEC – her online community of female Asian entrepreneurs. 

2020 has been a year of many things (insert your version of crazy here) but we have also seen more conversations around race and diversity, especially when it comes to business and visibility. Sharn’s mission to help more Asian women become their version of success feels like one of those really great things to come out of this year.  

The online world in particular this year has been such a blessing for many, and without it myself and many others likely wouldn’t have such successful businesses. However it also comes with its downfalls. As with the world of traditional work, workplace bullying and racism continue to exist online too.

In this chat with Sharn we talk about how with every level of success you come up against a level of backlash, judgement and projection from others too.

We discuss what comes with success in the online world and how to handle the negative criticism that comes with it. The limitless possibilities we have available to us and how important self worth really is – especially when you’re going against the grain.

I want you to know that negative critisism doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person, it doesn’t mean you should stop what you’re doing, or that your soul mission isn’t important. Because it is. And we’re not for everyone.

Not everyone is going to like what you do or how you do it. And that is totally ok. You have your people, your soul clients who do like it and who do respect and value what you have to offer. 

So please don’t let negative criticism or trolls bring you down or stop you from doing what you’re meant to do in this lifetime. Because the world needs your light, now more than ever.

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