Season 1, Episode 10

Finding forgiveness to set yourself free


About This Episode

We hear it all the time – mindset is key, well in this episode we discover that our mental fitness is what sets us apart, especially when it comes to business.

According to Emma Gibbs-Ng in order to create change you MUST change your THINKING first! But what choices and decisions do you need to make to get there. How can you begin to realise what is holding your back?

This episode with Emma is all about reprogramming your mind, getting over anxiety, understanding your limiting beliefs and working through whatever challenges you may have faced or are facing now in order to thrive. But importantly, about the power of finding forgiveness in order to set yourself free.

Emma Gibbs-Ng is an industry renowned High Performance Thinking coach & hypnotherapist with over 13 years experience in the Healthcare industry before redundancy gave her the chance to follow her dreams and start running her dream business.

Having had the privilege of working with the Industry greats such as Astra Zeneca & Johnson & Johnson Medical she knows what its like to work in a fast paced, ever changing industry that demands high performance & consistency to create huge impact.

Check out her ‘Manage your Mind’ challenge here

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>> Did you know that for each episode that is published in Season 1 a tree is planted? 

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