Season 1, Episode 9

Changing the world from the inside with Susi Lennox


About This Episode

The act of surrendering has been the theme of the year for Susi Lennox, learning deeply how to focus on what is being ushered in.

In this episode recorded on the Autumn Equinox we talk about The Great Pause, balance and how we can dwell more deeply in the present moment.

Susi is the co-founder of The Yes Yes Company Ltd – an organic intimacy company – so naturally we also talk about sex, relationships and how the sociological effects of Viagra led to the creation of Yes Yes.

We hear about the importance of commitment and faith in your mission and how 6 weeks in Bali led to building sacred foundations and values for their company.

This is a beautiful conversation about what lies under the surface, and how we can change the world from the inside by honouring the feminine goddess and staying in harmony with mother nature.

With a background in The Arts, Education, the new Psychologies, Poetry and Metaphysics there’s not much Susi Lennox hasn’t dabbled in. Always enquiring into the nature of consciousness, she has been blessed to study with many great contemporary teachers in the Wisdom Tradition. 

In 2003 Susi became the co-founder of award winning The Yes Yes Company Ltd – an organic intimacy company.  It is her endeavour, in both the professional and personal realms, to be a force for healing and loving kindness, and that through YES, she and her team are helping to successfully ‘Change the World from the Inside’.

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>> Did you know that for each episode that is published in Season 1 a tree is planted? 

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