Season 1, Episode 8

Waking up for humanity with Viviane Williams

About This Episode

From working with Disney to starting her own social enterprise Viviane Williams has always followed her passion, leaning towards projects where she can make a positive difference for humankind.

In this honest and inspiring episode we talk about:

  • Viviane’s journey, her roots and how she started 
  • How she wanted to be an astronaut 
  • How our childhood and beliefs can impact our mission 
  • Business as therapy 
  • What the Wake Up Campaign is and where it came from
  • The power of meeting and understanding new people and cultures
  • How we can develop as a society
  • What we need to wake up to
  • Living and working from home during a pandemic 
  • Giving thanks and doing good 
  • The exchange of energy 
  • How the pandemic has impacted remote communities 

 If you’re a creative changemaker in particular you’ll love this episode!

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>> Did you know that for each episode that is published in Season 1 a tree is planted? 

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