Season 1, Episode 6

The power of sharing to transform lives with Benita Matofksa

About This Episode

Episode 6 with Benita Matofska is all about how we can use sharing to make the world a better place. Benita shares her thoughts on how this pandemic has inspired a new wave of sharing in our communities and what the world could look like if we all decided to share that little bit more.

We talk about the people who are building a sharing economy – who are they and how are they doing this? Benita went from a successful media production career to setting up a charity, writing a book and creating a global movement focused on the power of sharing to transform lives. Find out how and why she did it, and why she’s so passionate about encouraging individuals and businesses to learn to share again. 

Benita Matofska is a world-leading expert, speaker and change-maker renowned for her ability to captivate audiences worldwide with her knowledge, dynamism and insights on social innovation, change-making and sustainability. She is recognized as a global expert in the Sharing Economy – a 21st Century phenomenon that is changing the way we think, live and do business. Benita is the author of Generation Share, the world’s first collection of successful, new, impactful business models and initiatives from around the world that are transforming lives and the planet.

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