Season 1, Episode 4

Calista on taking off the mask &  living life in colour

About This Episode

Episode 4 with Calista, an award-winning author, pioneer of spiritual ascension and magical leader. If you are open to spirituality and learning about angels you’re going to love this pre-Covid chat.

Calista shares her inspiring journey from being a scientist to a spiritual leader and everything in between. We talk about signs, symbols and synchronicities and about how we can harness and work with the female archangels to empower our lives. In particular we look at how the divine masculine and feminine is rising within each of us and we even touch upon the rise in gender neutrality amongst other things.

I hope listening to mine and Calista’s experiences helps some of you to realise that we are all interconnected. And that all you need to do to find your own way is follow the path of least resistance and do what feels good. 



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