We’ve all heard the importance of having and creating an abundance mindset, yet do we really know what this means for us? 

A few years ago I realised something really crucial about what abundance and money meant for me. 

You see in January of that year I’d set my word for the year – ‘abundance’ – and I decided that I wanted more money, freedom and fun. 

In my head this is what abundance meant to me. And to be fair, it still does.

However, what I hadn’t realised was that I had a deep limiting belief that meant having more money would actually give me less freedom and less fun. 

The very thing I wanted more of was the very thing I was worried I’d lose if I made more money.

You see, in the back of my mind somewhere, I thought that if I made more money my time and freedom would suffer. The very reason I started my businesses and working for myself would be damaged if I earned triple or even double what I had been earning.

The logic being that I would end up working too hard, not having enough days to myself. Not being able to travel as much. Not being able to choose where I wanted to be. Having more responsibilities and therefore less time.

Sound familiar?

But where did this belief come from? 

Well, I’m sure I am not the only one who watched their parents work super hard for what they got. Long hours, always being tired and hardly ever spending time with their family. 

So it’s natural to have a subconscious belief that the more success you create the less actual time you’ll have and the more stressed you may become – because that is the example you were shown. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s have a look at the reality here and start dismantling this belief…

Belief : I don’t have the time

💡 If I actually made more money I could outsource a heck of a lot of things I do myself and save time and energy to put towards the things that I love doing.

Belief : I can’t take on more than x amount of clients so I can’t make more money

💡 I could raise my prices, meaning I don’t have to take on loads more clients. And I get to work with the clients that know the value of paying for something that’s going to help them. Who are willing to invest in themselves and their business and therefore are ready to take action. OR I could shift the way I serve and instead of serving 1-1 I can serve more 1-many clients. 

Belief : I won’t be able to go on holiday

💡 I could go on more trips, weekend aways with my partner, last minute getaways, long trips to far flung places. Because I’d have the money to do so and the people behind me to support the business.

Belief : If I make more money I’ll just have to put it back into my business or in the tax man’s wallet

💡 And what’s wrong with that? I could also invest in buying property, creating a side business or donate to charity. I could get that permanent base by the sea…

When I started digging deeper and reframing these beliefs money started flowing easily and effortlessly to me. I started to understand my relationship with money more and what it would mean if I had more. 

Because here’s the thing, if all us conscious entrepreneurs create successful businesses, well, it’s highly likely we’re also going to create more impact and more good off the back of that. And so money is not only energy and attracted to the energy we create for ourselves, but it is also GOOD. 

The thing is, if you are not in alignment with the real reason you are doing your business, if you don’t know the real fears and desires you have, including the way you are living now and the way you want to be living then it’s never going to happen. Or I guess it might, but it will take a heck of a long time it won’t be as easy as it could be.

When I realised this and took control, engaged and integrated my fear into my action things started to change. Things felt more REAL. More me.

So I ask you this, what is holding you back from welcoming more abundance?

If something isn’t flowing for you right now, then it’s because there’s something blocking you. Get in alignment with your REAL mission and see how things flow easily for you.

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