These days, it seems that we can’t go 5 seconds without interacting with social media in some way. People are increasingly wired into the world on the web and on their phone, and rather than looking for great content or business in “real life”, we tend to search the internet for what we want, need or indeed for someone to tell us. The internet can seem like a very daunting place to be and finding your own place within its ever-expanding walls can appear impossible. Don’t forget, however, that every business and brand which you admire was in the same position as you are too; they made their success by simply understanding their own brand and their ideal audience so they could make social media work for them.

Your social media strategy is much like an infant animal; small, fledgling, needy and requiring attention a lot more than you might have anticipated. Unfortunately, you can’t just sign up for social media accounts and watch the audience come flooding in. You need to put yourself out there, interact and make lasting contacts.

Do not fear, below are a few handy tips to guide you on this journey. Social media can be fun and, if you use it in the right way, can be invaluable when building a new brand. 

Get Your Timings Right

Well, yes timing does make a difference. Each platform seems to be more active at different times during the day and week and if you can tap into the moments in which most users are online, you can significantly increase your impact. For example, twitter followers tend to post most frequently from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 3pm whereas Facebook users are at their most active on Wednesday afternoons around 3 pm and evenings around 8pm. It’s easy to get lost in the technicalities and if timings become a little too robotic for you try this; post during work hours on the hour and half hour, try to avoid the very early morning and late at night. Easy peasy. 

Take a Snap

Content posted with captivating images is statistically more engaging than that made up of text only. If you have a relevant image that you can attach to your social media posts, do it. Your image will capture the eye of the serial scroller, enticing them to check out what you have on offer. Even better if now and again those pictures are behind the scenes, or even a photo of you!! Say whaaaat?! Yes people care about the person behing the camera. 

Go Live

Video is here to stay and is getting more and more popular. From Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories and even Linkedin now, social media platforms and their new algorithms are rewarding those who use it. Those who have Facebook groups are finding there is an increase in engagement and even people joining their groups when they create more video content. So you know what to do, get over your fear and go live!

Be Unique!

We all know that being diffent in business helps us stand out, we’ve all heard the talk about the USP (unique selling point). Here’s the thing though, on social media the USP is all about authenticity. It’s about being you. About being relevant and honest and removing the filters. so that your soul audience can get to know you. Whether you have a personal brand or not, customers are wanting to know more about the people behing the brand. About the story, about the ethics, the sustainability principles, the way in which each business works. Your audience isn’t just those purchasing your products or services. They are the people who talk about you to their friends, colleagues, who refer new employees to your company, who mention your new policy or campaign on their Tedx talk, who use you as an example. By being unique and true to your values online you create not just a paying customer, but followers who become your ambassadors.

Get Connected

ENGAGE, talk, respond with your followers. Connect with your audience in a better way than through likes and reshares. Social media and the algorythms now are all about engagement. In fact we know instagram is a;ready doing away with likes. So it really is about how we communicate with each other now that’s going to make all the difference.

Equally it’s important to connect all of your accounts, relevant landing pages and call to actions so that your audience, when prompted know what they should be doing. What do you want them to do once you’ve connected?  A good tip is to make sure there is always a link to your main website in your bio details; for instagram you can use Linktree to add multiple links – for example to your website, freebie and newsletter sign up.

Don’t Spread Yourself Thin

Whilst signing up to a slew of social media platforms can seem like fun, things can become a bit of a chore if you commit to too many different sites. When this happens you can find yourself not doing any of it, or not sounding authentic when you do turn up. Try to focus your attention on two to three platforms initially, building a steady following before you try and branch out further. Your audience will appreciate quality and regular posting. And of course, chose the platforms based on what you enjoy the most AND where your soul clients are hanging out. 

Building a social media strategy can actually be one of the most enjoyable parts of growing an online business. Online, you can reach audiences that you never even thought about, connecting to people all around the world! You can truly go global over night. How amazing is that?! Reaching your soul clients easily, no matter how far apart you are.

If you take your time and put effort into rearing a social media presence that aptly represents who you are and what you do, the sky’s the limit.

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