You know you are here to do big things and that YOU are the only thing holding yourself back. Procrastination, Self-Doubt & Confusion on what you TRULY want is the difference between playing small and becoming a visionary leader in life and business.

Time to activate your mission, merge it with your skills, bring forth your passions and share it with the world


‘An important assignment given to a person or group of people. The vocation or calling to go out into the world and spread it.’
‘A particular ability. An ability to do an activity or job well, especially because you have practised it.’
‘An intense desire or enthusiasm for something. A thing arousing great enthusiasm. An extreme interest in or wish for doing something’.

Are you ready to get fully aligned & activate your true mission?



✨ This programme is designed to dig into who you really are ✨

We’ll be having honest conversations about what you really want, letting go of things that no longer serve you and bringing in the things that are going to take you to the next level in your business and life.


✨ *Warning* After people work with me they move fast and often not in the direction they’d original planned to. So be ready for some big changes! ✨


My programmes aren’t just a few PDFs and off you go. I invest in you.
I bring business and marketing strategies that have helped clients reach 6 figures and more and I merge this with intuitive mentoring, creative practices and spiritual teachings and lessons I’ve been learning since I was 3 years old! (I know, it sounds ridiculous but it’s true.)

Through doing my programmes people have :

  • left their unfulfilling jobs 

  • started their dream careers

  • set up new passion led businesses

  • launched new websites

  • been featured in magazines, books, podcasts and online

  • started their own podcasts

  • become location independent

  • increased their following from 0-3000+

  • got their highest earnings since launching 

  • set up long term goals

  • moved countries

  • become practising artists

  • started writing

  • gained new clients

  • created new retreats

  • finally finished and published old projects 

  • grown engaging communities

  • aligned with purpose driven organisations

  • created new programs of their own

  • started meditating and journalling daily 

  • taken risks

Oh and BTW all of these changes happened within
4 months or less!
Pretty amazing results, even if I say so myself!
But incase you want to hear it from them…

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to dig deeper and want more than just to pay the bills
  • You are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the ideas you have
  • You are feeling misaligned and unfulfilled
  • You know there’s more for you, but you’re not quite sure what
  • You have an idea about what you’d like to do, but lack the direction to take action to get you where you want to be
  • You have a to do list longer than your arm and your leg combined and you’re not doing any of it, but not sure why
  • You are fed up of not doing work that you actually enjoy
  • You are looking for freedom to be more self expressed, to be you


✨ You need to activate your mission and get noticed for living it! ✨

“Working with Natalia is a transformative experience on so many levels. She truly cares about the whole person and how the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements come together in defining your mission and bringing it out into the world. The Activate Your Mission program is a comprehensive course in becoming your authentic self, breaking down self-imposed barriers, and putting your goals in motion. This isn’t another cookie-cutter course in starting an online business and becoming a digital nomad. It is about fulfilling your life’s purpose and not being afraid to live your truth. If you are serious about doing meaningful work on your own terms then this program is for you.” Laura Talbot, Activate Your Mission

“The programme is truly amazing. The group is very important and the way Natalia cultivates the group spirit is very good. I must confess I was totally lost, but Natalia is a game changer! She works really hard, shares her thought processes, injects self confidence, so much knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm, and very practical tips and tools too. I loved the group spirit, the practical tips and useful tools that were transmitted and all the spiritual components. On a personal level, I learnt a lot about how to set proper boundaries and about what kind of people I want to relate to. From a business point of view I got a better understanding around my soul clients and learnt about practical tools, apps and better ways of doing things. She makes things happen! Natalia helped me step into my power and bring my mission to life! Thank you Natalia I am so grateful! “ Vera Martins, Activate Your Mission 

“I was feeling very frustrated with regards to where I wanted to take my photography creatively and meaningfully. I always loved Natalia’s energy on Instagram and her messages often resonated with me. Hence I knew it was right for me. I enjoyed the calls and the content. I loved the support and sharing during the calls, which also ensured we showed up for ourselves as well as each other, but the content for me was the most valuable aspect of the program. I found it extremely helpful as it provided a logical journey of self-reflection and hence clarity. But I also have to mention that I really appreciated the spiritual thread that ran throughout as for me it was fundamental in helping me connect with the content.

I often give up when I get to the planning stage of any ideas I have due to overthinking, being a perfectionist and tackling the planning from a task-based perspective. However the program has given me tools to overcome that, tools that make the planning less intimidating and overwhelming as they are based on my why and what I actually want out of life. I’ve definitely benefitted both from a business perspective and a personal one because it supported me to self-reflect and act from a place of authenticity and care for myself.

Since the program I have put together a clear plan of action for changing my direction in my photography and started creating a new portfolio more reflective of the photography I want to do. I have decided to say no to certain types of photo-shoots that were making me unhappy and therefore sabotaging my passion for photography and hence my mission. I have also started meditating and journalling regularly to help me find those answers. I am so grateful for the program and I am really glad I signed up. Thank you Natalia!” Jess Yau, Activate Your Mission 

“As a member of this “bigged up” group, I can attest to its magic! 1. Natalia genuinely cares about us – as people with interesting journeys, as remote job searchers, as collaborators. She replies at (almost) all hours with specific feedback – helping us let go of our nerves to put ourselves out there AND pushing us to try new things. I really feel like much more than a client and part of a business formula. 2. It’s a safe space to be vulnerable, to share fears with other people who are different, yet going through something similar. The structure of our conversations allows us to get to know each other on another level while supporting this “search” we’re all on. We ask questions, give feedback, and encourage each other to push our comfort zones with the security to bounce back from. 3. Resources, tips, invaluable guidance. For me, it’s so unique because it’s catered so well to each of our individual styles and missions, yet it’s all transferable and relatable. I’m no longer grasping at straws and trawling through the internet to figure this sh!t out, I just ask Natalia. haha. If you’re in this group and wanting MORE from the journey, I genuinely encourage you to sign up.” Abbie Caldas, The Action Group 

This group has been vital to my progress. When I first joined, I knew what my end goal was (a fulfilling remote job), but I had no clear idea on what exactly that meant for me. In the beginning, we did exercises to discover our mission…. Gaining the clarity and knowing what I want to accomplish, on a more specific level, has helped me tremendously. My brain was scattered and passions flew everywhere, but I learned that being multi-passionate is awesome AND you can hone them down without feeling you’ve left anything behind. I needed to understand that more than I realized. The most amazing part of this group was the support. We all grew to love each other like family and always had each other’s back. Life has twists and turns, and this environment was a safe space to cry, laugh, or scream. We were spread across the globe, which made it even more fascinating. It was truly an incredibly beneficial, authentic, and supportive experience.” Natalie Raff, The Action Group 

I am an intuitive business mentor, marketing strategist, creative light activator, serial entrepreneur and the founder of Remote Mission and iamadventures. Known for my entrepreneurial mission-led projects that empower the visionary leaders of tomorrow.
Supporting creatives, social entrepreneurs and female leaders around the world since 2012, I am passionate about sharing the strategies and insights I’ve learnt along the way so your mission is brought to the world with ease and clarity.
My creative and holistic approach to business and marketing is revolutionising the way we see and do work and ‘making a living’. While my unique and modern businesses, programs and concepts, allow others to embrace their individuality, discover their true calling and create and accelerate memorable businesses that solve problems in order to make a positive difference in the world.
I’ve been featured in the likes of Forbes, Grazia, Business Matters, Metro, BBC, General Assembly other online publications, blogs and on several podcasts.

What will it involve? ✨ 6 weeks of intuitive guidance, business strategy & soul activation ✨


  • Facebook Group for accountability, support & connection
  • Group calls every week
  • Weekly challenges in the Group
  • Worksheets and activities every week
  • Guidance related to Astrology, Numerology and how it impacts your business
  • Daily affirmations

  Each week will have a different theme:

1. Mission statement, what you want to be known for

2. Creative Activations, vision boards & manifesting your desires

3. Understanding your dream soul client & audience

4. Self care, productivity & protecting your energy & ideas

5. Signature Topics, how to voice your mission & get heard

6. Bringing it all together, sharing your mission, making a plan and getting to action  

BONUS: I am affirmations mp3 Recording

What if I get behind?
You have lifetime access to the recordings PLUS you are in the alumni Facebook group for life and can continue to reach out for support there.


When does it start? 

Currently closed for enrolment : Get on the waitlist by filling out the form below

Le Price Por Favor?


Instalment options available

Considering just one 1-1 call with me costs £250 and the content you’ll be receiving is part of my life’s work, this is a crazy amazing package and offer. 

But I’m on my own mission…. A mission to reach thousands of you this time next year. Because I truly believe we need more people aligned and following their truth in order to keep light flowing and shining in this world.

So are you ready to get aligned, uncover your mission and discover how to unleash it?




Be the Visionary that you are and bring your mission out there…



Do I need a business to join this program?

No you do not. You don’t even need to have a solid idea. But you do need to want to start something – be it a business or a project. Or just move into something completely new.

What if I can’t join all of the calls?

We always make sure to arrange each call at a time that suits everyone as much as possible. We decide on days and times just before we begin. But if you do happen to miss one of the calls it’s all good because each call is recorded.

What if I’m travelling or in a different time zone? 

My peeps are global, adventure seekers, we’re all in different places and often in more than one place during the course of the program. We always make it work.

I’m not sure if I have the time right now, will you do it again in future?

Yes I will do it again, but not for at least 6 months. There is never a perfect time and if you are here reading this now, then I’d say the universe brought you here for a reason. Substitute some Netflix episodes a week for 6 weeks and you’re good to go 😉

Any other questions? Hit me up via email hello (at) nataliakomis(dot)com or slide into my DM on instagram @nataliakomis. 

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