Hi there, I am Natalia Komis, spiritual business mentor, soul channel, healer and activator for humans on a mission.

Together, we will heal your blocks around self expression & reclaim your divine feminine goddess mode so you can bring your SOUL mission to the world.

The Before Bit…

I spent most of my childhood living in Greece, walking and painting amongst olive groves, running through the fields with my dogs and our numerous cats in tow, working in the family business, and spending time by the sea .

Life in Greece was very beautiful and free in one way and very controlling and traumatic in another. My childhood included play and innocence, running through the fields pretending to be Xena warrior princess, connecting with the trees and seeing spirits (yes a bit scary as a child!). 

However there was also trauma, sadness, fear, responsibility and hard work. Years and years of ancestral conditioning on both sides of the family, whilst also trying to understand the gifts passed down through the generations of women that came before me. 

And yes all of these helped shape who I am today. The experiences I faced early on in this lifetime were huge lessons and initiations that brought me closer to myself and to Source/God faster than previous lifetimes.  


 It’s a winding journey

I’ve had what I’d call a multi-faceted career and journey and a non-traditional one at that.

Studying art and arts in mental health, hosting international art events, creating marketing campaigns, working with multinational companies and bringing in 6 figure deals.

Starting my own business(es), travelling around the world, constantly trying to figure out a way to help change the world and give back, all the while not really looking deeper into what I needed to heal. 

Every business, every challenge, every client, every adventure has helped me evolve and grow into the person I am today, but has also allowed for my work and business to transform and evolve too.  

You name it I’ve done it – or just about 😅!!  Creative marketing agency, walking adventure business, fulfilling remote work platform, PR & marketing consultant, new business consultant, impact marathon business, art collectives, art galleries, business coaching, AI startup…

In 2018, during my Saturn Return I began a 4 year healing and rebirth journeyI packed my bags and drove down to Spain to find a re-connection to a past life as a Priestess of Isis, an initiation with the Goddess Kali (introduced by my dog Kali!), a reconnection to the elements and the Earth and so much more.

I was forced to let go of my previous businesses, dismantle beliefs, release relationships, and learnt to tap into my truth and soul gifts and more. 



🔥 The Epic Shit 🔥

👉🏼 I became certified in a brand new modality called Elemental Healing™  and through this created the Conscious Business Design™ mastermind and retreats based on my new philosophy, Elemental Business™. 

👉🏼 Connected with Mary Magdalene & became a certified Rose Priestess. 

👉🏼 Went through 5 initiations into the Sacred Temples of Ascension™ by the Goddesses whilst healing my womb & consequently channelled the Temple Journey™  programme to support & initiate other women through it too.

👉🏼 Healed my relationship with sex and my womb and talked about it in the Telegraph here. 

👉🏼 Healed chronic viral fatigue, Long Covid and IBS through MBR Therapy & other means & then became an MBR therapist myself!

👉🏼 Co-founded aidx.ai, the first fully AI powered therapy & coaching startup focused on accessibility, affordability and confidentiality. 

What I learnt during my rebirth & dark nights of the soul:


  • Faced my traumas and initiations from childhood
  • Re-connected to my authentic self
  • Healed my physical body from CFS, IBS, anxiety, Long Covid, POTS & more
  • Released all relationships that no longer served me
  • Studied MindBody Reconnect Therapy & trained to be a therapist
  • Connected to my sexual pleasure, goddess & priestess power – no more painful  sex! 
  • Let go of the need to work hard ALL the time & changed my entire business model
  • Made more money doing less of everything but more of intentionally doing nothing

What makes me different?


I am a creative and multi passionate soul, art has always been a form of expression and therapy for me – there are photos of me siting alone under olive trees at 3 years old happily painting and exploring. 

When I moved to the UK my art was quickly recognised and I won several awards. When I didn’t know what to do with my life after my Alevels I decided I’d go for the one thing I definitly knew. I studied Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and Design as well as a Foundation in Arts Psychotherapy (Art in Mental Health). This gave me a new way of looking at things, using creativity as a tool to be more adaptable, find solutions and take risks.

My work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK, Europe and Nepal and featured in magazines. I even had the honour of co-curating the British Section of the Kathmandu Arts Festival and putting on amazing installations at UNESCO world heritage sites. 


I was brought up spiritual, accepting all religions and taking the best bits from all. Through this I became a sponge for developing my spiritual and personal potential. Practising yoga from as early as I can remember, chanting ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ whilst running through the fields in Greece and becoming attuned to Reiki whilst still in my teens, practising healing on myself and animals ever since. I was the one that did palm readings at school fairs and was labelled the ‘modern hippy’. 

I am now a certified Elemental Healer, Reiki practitioner, Rose Priestess and Soul Channel. I work closely with the Goddess Isis, Master Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael and the Elohim Dragons and I have many guides who make sure to make themselves known when the time is right. I am a living transmission of Sovereign Feminine Christ Energy, as per my name – Natalia (birth of Christ) and Komis (Lord/Lady in Greek). And so it is.

But Who Am I?

First thing first, let’s get into the astrology : Aries sun, Scorpio moon, Aquarius rising (Plus I’ve got Capricorn all over my chart!) Oh and in Human Design language I’m a Manifestor/Generator 😉✨

I wear lots of hats and I am proud to be a multipassionate being. I am an intuitive business mentor, freedom warrior, soul channel, certified healer, MBR Therapist, writer, exhibiting artist, Creative Light Activator™ and serial entrepreneur – most recently founder of The School of Modern Ascension (SOMA) and co-founder of aidx.ai.

I’ve been featured in the likes of Forbes, Grazia, Business Matters, Metro, BBC, The Sunday Telegraph, and many online publications and podcasts.

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