Hi there, I am Natalia Komis mentor and activator for humans on a mission.

Together, we will heal your blocks around self expression so you can bring your SOUL mission to the world.

The Before Bit…

My journey into entrepreneurship was something that felt right. Felt like my thing. Was what I was destined to do.

However, just because it feels right doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Or that you’re actually going to get it right first time.

I spent most of my childhood living in Greece (I’m bilingual), walking and painting amongst olive groves, running through the fields with my dog Polly and our numerous cats in tow, working in the family business, creating products out of nothing and selling them to whoever would buy and spending my time by the sea. Working full time, every day 6 months a year throughout the tourist season is tough going, but having 6 months off during the winter was a need and a want.

When I moved to England I quickly realised that this isn’t the normal way of life. But every year that went by I craved having freedom and choice and a life that didn’t revolve around 4 weeks paid holiday.

Taking a leap of faith

It’s a tough journey


After dipping my foot in the fast paced business world – hosting international events, creating marketing campaigns, working with multinational companies across the board and bringing in 6 figure deals – I decided it wasn’t for me. (I didn’t last long!)

As a risk taker I took a few leaps and went on my journey to become my own boss pretty quickly. Feeling frustrated with the lack of freedom a normal 9-5 had, especially after spending time travelling and working in Asia.

I combined my entrepreneurial background, creativity, thirst for adventure and people skills into a creative marketing agency.

Only to find out it wasn’t the right business for me at that moment in time.. I was gaining clients, but not enough. I had half finished projects and a team that wasn’t built on trust.




In truth, I realised that my heart wasn’t fully in it. I wanted to do something that meant more. That created a difference in some way. 

So I set up two more. Focused on creating social change this time and connected it to travel and adventure. 

Until I eventually realised that I like change. I like helping others and harnessing all of my ideas for you,  but that I want to do work that really matters.

Now, I combine building my own empire with helping you build yours. Win win right?!

My own journey of self discovery through art and spirituality lead to a new part of me I hadn’t fully tapped into yet. In 2019 I became certified in a brand new modality called Elemental Healing™  and through this created the Conscious Business Design mastermind and retreats based on my new methodology, Elemental Business Design

You see, whatever I learn along the way you get to learn too. My ups fuel yours. My downs help yours.

Today I help visionary leaders and conscious changemakers, like YOU, who struggle with communicating their unique gifts and balancing their workaholic tendencies to activate their Divine Creative Light Codes, be fully self expressed and make a positive impact in the world so they can step into their modern warrior energy and live their true soul mission on planet Earth.

What makes me different?

First thing first, let's get into the astrology : Aries sun, Scorpio moon, Aquarius rising (Plus I've got Capricorn all over my chart!) Oh and in Human Design language I'm a Manifestor/Generator 😉✨


I am a creative and multi passionate soul, art has always been a form of expression and therapy for me – there are photos of me siting alone under olive trees at 3 years old happily painting and exploring. 

When I moved to the UK my art was quickly recognised and I won several awards. When I didn’t know what to do with my life after my Alevels I decided I’d go for the one thing I definitly knew. I studied Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and Design as well as a Foundation in Arts Psychotherapy (Art in Mental Health). This gave me a new way of looking at things, using creativity as a tool to be more adaptable, find solutions and take risks.

My work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK, Europe and Nepal and featured in magazines. I even had the honour of co-curating the British Section of the Kathmandu Arts Festival and putting on amazing installations at UNESCO world heritage sites. 


I was brought up spiritual by my beautiful mother accepting all religions and taking the best bits from all. Through this I became a sponge for developing my spiritual and personal potential. Practising yoga from as early as I can remember (thanks to mum), chanting ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ whilst running through the fields in Greece (whilst also pretending to be Xena warrior princess!), and becoming attuned to Reiki whilst still in my teens, practising healing on myself and animals ever since. I was the one that did palm readings at school fairs and was labelled the ‘modern hippy’. 

I am now a certified Elemental Healer, Reiki practitioner, Rose Priestess and Soul Channel. I work closely with Master Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael and the Elohim Dragons and I have many guides who make sure to make themselves known when the time in right. I am a living transmission of Sovereign Feminine Christ Energy, as per my name – Natalia (birth of Christ) and Komis (Lord/Lady in Greek). And so it is.

But Who Am I?

I am an intuitive business mentor, marketing strategist, freedom warrior, soul channel, Creative Light Activator, serial entrepreneur and the founder of Remote Mission.

I am known for my entrepreneurial mission-led projects that empower the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Supporting creatives, social entrepreneurs and female leaders around the world since 2012, I am passionate about sharing the strategies and insights I’ve learnt along the way so your mission is brought to the world with ease and impact.

I’ve been featured in the likes of Forbes, Grazia, Business Matters, Metro, BBC, The Sunday Telegraph, and many online publications and podcasts.

My Heart Fuelled


As a creative I thrive in a fast paced, fun and changing environment. I love working on new projects and cool ideas that make an impact. It helps me stay focused, creative and excited. 


Remote Mission is a social enterprise

Offering fulfilling remote jobs in socially minded businesses to people who need and want them. So that you can do great work from anywhere. Find remote jobs working for:

  • Social enterprises, charities & NGOs

  • Organisations making a positive change on our planet

  • Companies who are using their power to put the world to rights

Natalia Arts

I nurture my artist self through adventure & creativity for social change. Through my art I explore nature, life and social anthropology by studying the human imprint. As a practising artist I have exhibited and performed internationally. 

Currently I’m working on seascapes and researching the effects of climate change & the residue of human consumption on our oceans. As well as bringing to life creative light activation codes for my soul clients, to help them recalibrate their subconscious and unique light-body codes.

Interested in your own Creative Light Code?

Get in touch! 

Professional Bio

Natalia Komis (05 April 1988- present) serving as an intuitive business mentor and soul channel for conscious leaders since 2012; she is a natural energy healer, soul activator, serial social entrepreneur, and artist channelling divine creative light for the ascension of the New Earth. 

In 2017 she founded Remote Mission, a platform and movement to help all people with skills gain access to fulfilling remote work that creates positive impact. 

Born in the UK of Greek, English and Irish heritage, Natalia embraces her multicultural background and incorporates ancient Greek and Celtic rituals and traditions into her work. Natalia gained initial recognition as a conceptual artist and entrepreneur helping creatives share their talents and gifts with the world. Through travelling, working with artists and social entrepreneurs and taking women and girls on pilgrimages to develop their human potential, she eventually found her own soul mission and founded The Warrior Rebellion. A movement spearheaded by challenging the status quo, changing the way we do business, and activating the warriors of the world to ignite their true soul mission and co-create the New Earth. 

The start of Natalia’s journey was through art, experimenting with self expression and communicating that which was deemed taboo and which needed to change for the better. As a child she grew up with a deep connection to mother nature and the animal kingdom and was always running off into the wild chanting ‘Om Namah Shiva’ and to fight off ‘the baddies’. It was only in 2019 when she reconnected to this affinity with the natural world through a certification in a brand new modality called Elemental Healing, that she realised the importance of it in her life and work. This is when she formed her unique Elemental Business Philosophy which forms the foundation of all her future work and services. 

As a natural born healer and channel, she has always communicated with Spirit, God and the Divine. For as long as she can remember she has always been flying through the cosmos to see her warrior tribe in meditations and dreams in order to stay connected to her mission and that of our current world mission. 

Now, Natalia is a refreshing, grounded voice for the modern age, leading the worldwide warrior movement to activate ‘Philanthropia’ and creative Christ light energy for life on Earth. Activating the warriors among us to come out of hiding and pick up arms in the form of energy and light to create balanced businesses that are in service to the Divine. 

Natalia channels ascension codes through her programmes and healing transmissions, fine art and lifestyle products that activate and support the world’s Spirit warriors to rise up.

She is a living channel for the Elohim Dragons and Feminine Christ Consciousness on Earth and has been tasked with initiating those ready to embrace their next level warrior to go on to uncover the power of their divine feminine inner temples too. The Temple Journey programme – a 5 part initiation – guides Temple Initiates to be initiated into and hold space and energy for the Forgotten Sacred Temples of Ascension to be re-activated and re-built for the next ascension of the New Earth. 

Her life is dedicated to living in full expression, communicating the truth, empowering women and girls to know their worth and giving a voice to the voiceless. Lastly, to activate all of Earth’s sacred beings to prepare and assist with the ascension of the New Earth. 

Her name, Natalia means ‘Birth of Christ’ and Komis means Lord/Lady in Greek. This is the energy Natalia chose to come to this lifetime with – Sovereign Feminine Christ Energy. And so it is.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Follow Your Mission Today!

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