Ready to work in alignment with who you really are?

Let’s discover your mission, connect with your soul clients, create aligned launched strategies to make profit AND impact.

You know you are here for more, you want to create more, do more.


You are ready to BE the WARRIOR you truly are

It’s time for freedom, fulfilment and positive change by creating a soul aligned business based on your unique codes and values.

The world is ready for you, are you?


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Harnessing your astrological birth chart and numerology we will discover your purpose, who you’re meant to work with and what action to take to harness this for your business & brand


My name is Natalia Komis and I am here to support you be the light the world needs. To guide you to tap into your intuition, become self expressed and activate your soul mission so you can be the conscious leader you were born to be.


It all starts with you.

Time to step into your greatness 🔥💃

You are more than ready

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Taking on the World, One Mission at a Time

I am an intuitive business mentor, multipassionate freedom warrior and soul channel dedicated to helping you uncover your soul mission to create a real purpose driven business and life.

I work with conscious entrepreneurs, radical creatives & visionary leaders to establish your purpose, align you to your values and make a lasting impact. My secret weapon is healing your blocks around self expression so you can be the change you wish to see. I am known for my entrepreneurial mission-led projects that empower the visionary leaders of tomorrow. Are you one of them? Let’s work together in a creative & intuitive way to fulfil your dreams & make your vision a reality.


“Natalia you are a game-changer and now a friend. Thank you so much for all of your support, for all your listening and for all of your ideas.”

Leah Anidi-Ryz
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