• The before bit


    My journey into entrepreneurship was something that felt right. Felt like my thing. Was what I was destined to do.


    However, just because it feels right doesn't mean it's going to be easy. Or that you're actually going to get it right first time.


    I spent most of my childhood living in Greece (I'm bilingual), walking and painting amongst olive groves, running through the fields with my dog Polly, working at the family restaurant, creating products out of nothing and selling them to whoever would buy and spending my time by the sea. Working full time, every day 6 months a year throughout the tourist season is tough going, but having 6 months off during the winter was a need and a want.


    When I arrived back in England I quickly realised that this isn't the normal way of life. But every year that went by I craved having freedom and choice and a life that didn't revolve around 4 weeks paid holiday.


    I studied Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and Design as well as a Foundation in Arts Psychotherapy (Art in Mental Health). This gave me a new way of looking at things, using creativity as a tool to be more adaptable, find solutions and take risks.


    Having been brought up with a powerful spiritual mother and being around healers and holistic health practitioners, I became a sponge for developing my personal potential. Practising yoga from the age of 3, chanting 'Om Namaha Shivaya' whilst running through the fields, and becoming attuned to Reiki whilst still in my teens. This has led me to approach business and life with not just a creative approach, but a holistic one also. With a constant willingness to accept change and to grow.




    After trying out the rat race - hosting international events, creating marketing campaigns, working with multinational companies across the board and bringing in 6 figure deals - I decided it wasn't for me. (I didn't last long!)


    As a risk taker I took a few leaps and went on my journey to become my own boss.


    I combined my entrepreneurial background, creativity, thirst for adventure and people skills into a creative marketing agency.


    Only to find out it wasn't the right business for me at that moment in time.


    I was gaining clients, but not enough. I had half finished projects and a team that wasn't built on trust.


    In truth, I realised that my heart wasn't fully in it.


    So I set up two more.


    Until I eventually realised that I like change. I like helping others, but I want to do work that really matters.


    Now, I combine building my own empire with helping you build yours. Win win right?!


    Whatever I learn along the way you get to learn too. My ups fuel yours. My downs help yours.

  • some of my heart fuelled empires

    As a creative I love a fast paced, fun and changing environment. I love working on new projects and cool ideas that make an impact. It helps me stay focused, creative and excited.

    I'm working on a new venture...

    Offering fulfilling remote jobs in socially minded businesses to people who need and want them.

    So that you can do great work from anywhere.

    Find remote jobs working for:

    • Social enterprises, charities & NGOs 
    • Organisations making a positive change on our planet
    • Companies who are using their power to put the world to rights

    iamadventures is a social business designed to empower women and girls through creative walking adventures across the globe. It is built around the belief that adventure and creativity can bring about positive social change at large.

    iamadventures ignites your creativity, inspiration and human potential, providing the space, freedom and catalyst for you to come alive amongst like minded adventure maidens with a thirst for adventure.


    2016 was the year for me to get back into my personal art practice. I found myself focusing on nurturing my artist self through adventure & creativity for social change. Through my art I explore nature, life and social anthropology by studying the human imprint.

    Currently I'm working on seascapes and researching the effects of climate change & the residue of human consumption on our oceans. I have started to approach this through a conservationist and ecological view to find ways to bring science and art together for social change.

    You can also follow my journey on instagram @taliasarts.



  • Stuff I'm Interested in

    • Social causes, responsibility and enterprises
    • Art for good
    • Animals, Wildlife and Sustainability (I'm a happy Vegan)
    • Photography 
    • Anthropology and Marine Archeology (Wish I studied one of these at university level - you never know!)
    • Languages and Culture
    • Spirituality and self-empowerment (consequently mental health) - I had my Reiki Level 1 Attunement when I was just 16. 
    • Yoga and Meditation (My mum was an amazing yoga teacher & my sister and I practiced from the ages of 3!)
    • Ethical Fashion
    • Social Business 
    • Genuine, Kind, Lovely People

    What I want to get into?

    • Kite boarding (As I'm quite accident prone this is a bit of a risky sport for me - but what's life without some risk right?! I must practice more!)
    • Bamboo houses
    • Neuroscience
    • More photography
    • Finding my physical sanctuary
    • Winning the lottery
  • Walk with me

    I love walking, in fact I regularly leave my desk for a meditative walk to gain inspiration. I often take others on these walks too - I call them 'iam' guidance walks. I actually offer this as a service (plus I based iamadventures on this principle) we go on an hour walk, a day walk or even a weekend adventure walk, and I offer guidance and mentoring along the way. It's great! But as I love meeting new people and walk all the time you can simply join me for a 20 mins stroll for free! If we're in the same city at the same time that is!

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