Chichi Eruchalu

    Business Strategist & Coach

    "Natalia has been part of my team for the last 6 months now. I was looking for support with strategy and having someone on board who could help me grow the brand. Natalia really spent time with me to dig deep and get an understanding of my business, where I wanted to take it and what I was hoping to achieve. She now knows my business so well she can talk to journalists and team members on my behalf, which makes my job easier because I fully trust her in what she does. In the time we have been working together she has helped me with strategy, PR and getting interviews with podcasts, radio and getting awards. She has been instrumental in my business and brand growth. If you're looking for somebody to support you with your strategy and taking your ideas and concepts and making them into something tangible and a reality then Natalia can do that for you. She can really support your business and take it far."

    Sophie Brownson

    Creative Entrepreneur & Social Retailer

    "I booked in for Natalia's 'Creative Guidance Session' after going on her Adventure Maiden's walk, and being incredibly inspired by both Natalia herself, the work she does, and the genuine out pour of ideas I had after one walk! I felt comfortable with Natalia, and knew I'd found a gem of a person who would give me genuine advice and guidance. My new found business idea felt very exciting, but it also scared me a little (or a lot.) Natalia's session was structured, she put me at ease, gave me confidence in my product and invaluable advice, feedback and actual real life tools/ goals to get me started. Now I'm doing the 'doing' and it all feels much less scary. I can't wait to see where my business ideas leads me, and will definitely be letting Natalia in on my adventure and picking her brains more! Thank you Natalia, genuinely."

    Jane Langley

    Founder of bluepatch.org

    "Natalia is a sophisticated strategist with a highly perceptive approach to business. She works faster than the speed of light. Brilliant at concept development and super effective at 'getting things done', helping to blast BP into growth stage. It's a super human energy and a way of seeing the opportunity that's just out of sight to most people. Blue Patch is very fortunate indeed to have her on the team - she's really great fun to work with too!"

    Sharon Maddy

    Entrepreneur at Maddy Lou Shoes

    "Natalia, you are truly brilliant. You are an inspiration and you know exactly how to support me and my goals. Such a worthwhile investment to make for me and my business…I now feel in control of my brand, my social media, my story and my vision. I am so happy I met you and would recommend for anyone to invest in time with you to help get a clear strategy and vision to start making things happen!"

    Christina Georgalla

    The Development Coach

    "Natalia was very helpful, friendly and approachable. In our VIP session my expectations were fully managed as I wanted to understand how to utilise different social mediums for my coaching business. The introduction of affirmations/ cards was beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring and I really enjoyed that and trying to integrate this into my practice. I now have very clear goals and working towards achieving them."

    Khiloni Graf

    Entrepreneur & Social Innovator

    "It's been such a wonderful pleasure to get to know Natalia over the last few months and engage her creative skills and advice for my new project. Right from the start, I was impressed with her drive to work with businesses operating in sustainability and social enterprise. After our chats, I always feel re-energised and positive, and I'm really looking forward to working with her again later this year. Thanks Natalia!"

    Lorna Morris

    Design, Brand & Publications Specialist

    "I really enjoyed our social media session. It was great to get to know the girls in the group as well as get some excellent and up-to‐date social media training. Natalia was very helpful, friendly and approachable."

    James Abbott

    Entrepreneur, KoHub Founder

    "I have had the pleasure of knowing Natalia for a while now and I have been fortunate to have worked together. She is focused on putting her heart and energy into thoughtful projects that she is passionate about."


    James RB Anderson

    Art Director of JRBA Publishing, Writer, Poet, Performer

    "Natalia will do all she promises and more. She provides such an individually tailored engagement with her clients that you won't just receive the support and expertise that she offers, but she also specifically identifies assistance for you and your business needs. Natalia's approach is determined to see positive results not only from your projects but from your attitude as a profession, which is key to everything you do with your business when bringing it to others. She focuses on your strengths and aims to push these aspects. My experience with Natalia was no less than rewarding, motivational, positive, and highly important for the projects I have. I absolutely recommend her!"

    Paloma Suarez

    Founder of This Earth Gathering

    "What a journey this was! THANK YOU for making This Earth Gathering 2013 happen. Your skilled contribution and marketing brought people to the event and made it possible for it to go ahead. It was delightful to work with you and we all appreciate the amount of hours and the creativity you generously offered to the project. We hope to come to you for the next This Earth Gathering as we know that you are impossible to replace, not only you as you are so sociable and adventurous, but you are a gem for anybody that would work with you and a source of inspiration for any project you get into! May your splendid self have fun following your dream! "


    Claudette Tinsley

    Founder & Designer at Ink Bandit


    "I have had the delight to work with Natalia when she assisted me at a London trade show. Natalia was extremely professional, friendly and understood my customers' needs. I had absolute confidence in her work and her ability to assist me and represent my business at the show. Natalia is a highly motivational individual and just the sort of person to help a startup business find its feet."

    Richard Harper

    Bookings Officer - Midsummer Music

    "I recently hired Natalia to get our business social media established. Natalia was extremely competent and informative, clearly knowing her stuff, and we managed to cover a lot of ground. She clearly demonstrated how twitter and other platforms will boost the reach and scope of my music agency, and her excellent help and instruction left me confident to use social media by myself. I would recommend her to any business looking for help with social media. A++"

    Alison Harper


    "Natalia's calm, friendly and non-judgemental approach has helped so much in allaying my fears of internet exposure! I would highly recommend her accessible yet professional approach in unravelling the mysteries of social media; she has the sensitivity to realise that everyone learns at their own pace and takes things one step at a time as too much information can often be overwhelming. Thanks Natalia."

    Edward Fish

    "With forward thinking marketing strategies, a highly creative but professional attitude and a passion for the arts as a whole, Natalia is clearly a triple threat in the industry. Her knowledge of current art and business trends make her an invaluable consultant on any project."

    Rhys Bevan

    eCommerce Consultant

    "Natalia was a fantastic individual to work with. She is extremely organised and intelligent, showing great aptitude towards creating unique content and online social strategies. Over the time we worked together, she showed increasingly good knowledge of conversion rate optimisation, search engine visibility strategies and a flair for email marketing. I would not hesitate in recommending Natalia going forward."

    Frederick George Davis

    Exhibiting Artist. F G Davis.

    "Natalia is a dynamic and innovative organiser, she is passionate about art, people and the environment and her online initiatives effectively bring these strands together. I have known Natalia for many years and can recommend her as a reliable, creative, highly intelligent and personable individual."

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